Top 3 Best Flowers to Send In Any Occasion

Flowers act as the perfect gift in every occasion universally. It is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of gifting, even if you get a different gift, pairing it with a flower bouquet makes it feel more special. The only issue you might face with gifting flowers is that every flower and every color has a different meaning and that might get you confused while choosing your flower gift. That is the reason we at joi, decided to gift you this article and let you know about the best flowers to send in every occasion.


Roses might be our most favorite flower. Maybe because they helped us express different feelings in different situations. Roses with their various colors can serve perfectly on different occasions from showing love and affection to a lover to showing sympathy or even congratulate someone on their success. Color plays an important role in choosing your gift. White roses are often used for weddings. Yellow ones are a great birthday gift for a dear friend. Red roses are perfect for romantic occasions. What is also interesting about roses is that the number of stems conveys different messages too. For example, a dozen roses send the message of love and gratitude, a single rose sends a message of simplicity such as “Thank you.”


Orchids are considered one of the best flowers to send in any occasion for too many reasons. One of them is that you can either send them in a bouquet of as a plant in a pot. If you decided to send them as a plant, never worry about them, they are easy to take care of in addition to being one of the long-lasting plants that can adapt everywhere. Another reason why orchids are the best flowers to send anytime is that in many cultures and traditions and in ancient times, orchids represent fertility, affluence, affection, and healing. Orchids also come in different shades of colors and even sizes to fit as a perfect gift on any occasion.


Lilies are also one of the top flowers to send in every occasion. Lilies symbolize humility and devotion. One of the most famous occasions for gifting lilies is the 30th-anniversary celebration. Also, lilies of the valley are the 2nd wedding anniversary flower. Lilies are also famous for a whole different occasion, they are the flowers to send in funerals. Maybe because lilies signify that the soul of the deceased has restored innocence after death. Lastly, your loved ones would always appreciate your gift even when given the wrong color or flower, imagine how would they appreciate the right flower given at the right time? If you are looking for the best flowers to send to a family, friend, a colleague or a loved one, joi is offering you the best flower shopping experience ever. Enjoy our fast and easy gifting experience with same day flower delivery that is also free. joi is the place to go for the best flowers to send in each and every occasion and in no time. y occasion and in no time.

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