The History of Our Loved Christmas Decorations

Every December we go for Christmas shopping, looking for the best Christmas decorations everywhere. You find kids and adults choosing the star carefully between all the Christmas decorations to top the tree perfectly. Everyone cares about their Christmas tree and looking to make it jolly and special. But, have you ever wondered about every Christmas ornament and symbol and where did they come from or what is the story behind them? Here we decided to give you a closer look on those joi-ful Christmas decorations and let you know their story so next time you go Christmas shopping you entertain your kids or even your friends with happy stories about Christmas decorations.

The Tree

Christmas is not complete without a tree. A decorated tree is one of the basic Christmas decorations. The story behind the tree and why is it used in Christmas is not quite known yet, but many believe that the use of a tree in Christmas refers to the use of trees to celebrate winter festivals by pagan and Christian. Pagans used to decorate their houses with tree branches during the winter to remind them that spring is coming. But the interesting story here is about the first person to bring a tree to a house. The story dates back to the 16th century when Martin Luther the famous German preacher who was walking through the forest one night before Christmas when he looked at the stars shining between the tree branches and it reminded him of Jesus, who left the stars of heaven to come to earth at Christmas day.

The Star

The star is one of the most famous Christmas decorations. It is that one ornament you find on top of each and every tree. The story behind the star is really interesting. The star refers to the star of Bethlehem. It is mentioned in the bible that when Jesus was born, a big, bright, unusual star appeared in the sky that night to lead the wise men to the place where Jesus was born.

The Stocking

One of the favorite Christmas decorations for kids is the green or red Christmas stockings. The story behind it is cute, as kids leave this stocking hanging so when Santa comes he can leave the candies inside the stockings.


Poinsettia is the famous red Christmas flower. It is considered one of the most elegant and joi-full Christmas decorations. The story behind it goes back to Mexico. There is a Mexican legend about two siblings who loved to go to the church and watch the manger scene. They were too poor but wanted to leave gifts for baby Jesus; they thought to collect leaves from the sides of the road as a gift and placed them around the manger. Once they put them the leaves magically transformed into beautiful star-shaped red flowers. And since this legend, Poinsettia started to be one of the Christmas symbols.

The Candy Cane

This famous red and white candy cane Christmas decoration that you love to hand it on your tree has a really nice significance. This Christmas decoration refers to the shepherd’s crook. And because Jesus is referred to as the good shepherd, this ornament used to remind people that he was born on Christmas day to take care of his lambs and bring back the lost ones.

These were the stories behind our loved Christmas decorations. If you are looking for exclusive Christmas decorations to light up your Christmas and decorate your tree, check our Christmas gifts section at joi and enjoy shopping for the best joi-ful Christmas decorations.

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