The World’s 5 Best Christmas Decoration Markets

This is the season of Christmas shopping. The time where you dig the stores for the best Christmas decorations to light up your house. And because Christmas is a joi-ful occasion, Christmas shopping should be as joi-ful too. Wandering in the department stores for Christmas decorations might be a fun thing to do but imagine wandering in a whole Christmas market where everywhere around you is full of Christmas colors and joi-ful stuff. In this article, we decided to take you for a tour to the world’s best Christmas markets where you get the best Christmas decorations.


Our first destination in this joi-ful trip will be at Strasbourg, France. This place is considered a home for the oldest Christmas markets in Europe since 1570. What is more remarkable at Strasbourg than the Christmas decorations, is the Great Christmas tree that is located at Place Kleber. This huge Christmas tree will make you feel better than standing in front of NY Rockefeller’s square tree! If you are looking to feel the Christmas spirit along with getting the best Christmas decoration, Strasbourg should be your destination.


Moving 6,837 km from France to Canada where the Grand Christmas Market takes place in Montreal. Despite you being in Canada. This market will make you feel like you are in the heart of Europe. The market is held from 1st of December until the 24th in St Catherine Street. At the Grand market, you will not just shop for Christmas decoration but you will enjoy the best winter-warming drinks. It is a great place for kids as well, they can enjoy making handcrafts at elves’ shop and many other activities.

Czech Republic

Getting back to Europe, the 3rd destination will be at the beautiful Prague, Czech Republic. Here there is not just one Christmas market but two, one in the Old Town Square and the other in Wenceslas Square. Not to worry it is a walkable distance between the two so you can easily explore both markets at once. The two markets open their doors for Christmas decoration shopping every day in the Christmas season until 6th of January, even including the Christmas Day itself.


Not moving far, still in Europe, our destination now is Krakow, Poland. For those who want to enjoy a white Christmas, you are in the right place now. In Reynek Glowny you can find one of the most incredible Christmas markets. It is located in the city’s main square and it is really huge. The heavy snow dust falling over the glamorous Christmas decorations will make you feel the magical Christmas spirit in your heart. At the Krakow market, you can get the city’s local specialty hand-painted Christmas baubles. The market opens its doors this 30th November until 26th of December. Prague would offer you an unforgettable Christmas if you are looking for a new destination to celebrate the season.


Let’s end our joi-ful Christmas markets’ tour with this market in Vienna, Austria. The Viennese Christmas Market is held in front of City Hall. Besides the elegant Christmas decorations, this market offers a huge ice rink for skating and reindeer rides for kids. This year, the market will be open by the 17th of November to the 26th of December. It is important to know that the first Christmas market in Austria was held in 1298 making it one of the oldest countries to promote for Christmas markets.

Christmas should be celebrated well, that was the reason we decided to take you in this tour and introduce you to the world’s best 5 Christmas markets. But it it is too late to book your ticket and fly over to one of the markets and enjoy a different Christmas, joi has got you covered. Browse between a wide variety of Christmas gifts and Christmas decoration at joi and decorate your home in style!

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