The Story Behind the First Balloon and New Ideas to Send Balloons

Balloons and happiness are always bundled together, people send balloons along with any gift and you can see balloons all around in any happy event from birthdays, weddings, and graduations to anniversaries and etc… you always think of sending balloons along with the gift to add extra happiness to that gift. But, have you ever wondered about the story behind the first balloon? How did they make it and who was the first to introduce it to the world. In this article, we will be digging in the history of the joi-ful balloons to know the story behind the very first balloon.

The very first balloons in the world

Balloons might be taken as a modern invention, but it has been there since so long ago. Balloons were seen in the very old books made from animal bladders and intestines, either inflated or water filled.

Professor Michael Faraday in 1824 was the one who invented the first rubber balloons to use them in his experiments with hydrogen at the Royal Institution in London. While Galileo, the famous scientist before that rubber invention had used an inflated pig’s bladder in one of his experiments to measure the weight of air. Professor Michael Faraday made the very first rubber balloons with two sheets of rubber covered with flour on the inside not to stick to each other. Balloons as toys have shortly appeared after that by Thomas Hancock the pioneer rubber manufacturer who sold them in the form of a DIY set that had a rubber solution bottle and a condensing syringe.

After quite some years, latex balloons were first manufactured in London in 1847. Then foil balloons followed rubber and latex ones and appeared in the 70s but it was a bit costly maybe because foil balloons held the gas inside longer than rubber and latex and they are lighter as well.

Our balloons now

Balloons nowadays are made of different materials like rubber, latex, or nylon fabric. They are made in different shapes and many colors. Foil balloons might be still a bit more expensive than the rest for it is usually filled with helium. Helium is not a harmful gas and it is mostly used for filling balloons because it is really safe around fires and it is not toxic to inhale.

New ideas to send balloons with your gifts

There are too many ways to send balloons with your gift other than just bundling it with the gift. You can stuff candies, gift cards or money inside a balloon before inflating it and once it burst, the recipient is all showered with happiness. There are also balloon stuffing machines that can stuff your whole gift inside a big balloon.

Time to send balloons!

If you have an event or an occasion coming up, try sending balloons with your gift to double up the happiness. Browse joi for a wide selection of balloons made of different materials, colors and shapes that suits every occasion. And if you already got the gift we have got you covered with the balloons. Celebrate right and send balloons!

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