13 Reasons Why Purple!

Purple is not just a joi-ful color. It is associated with nobility, royalty, and ambition. It goes best with different colors and shades and it looks good on almost everything as well. If you are a purple lover or not, we have got you some interesting facts about the color purple that you never heard of!

1-    The color purple has a physical effect on people. It makes you more creative and calms your nerves and mind.

2-    The color purple originally came from mucus glands of a tropical sea snail.

3-    There are more than 60 flowers species in the world that is purple.

4-    The snail that produces the purple mucus is called the murex which is purpura in Latin, and this is the reason behind the name ‘’purple’’.

5-    Purple dye was very expensive historically and incredibly hard to find. That is why only the rich and powerful used to use it.

6-    The phrase “Born to the purple” means born into a royal or noble family.

7-    The Archbishop of Cyprus is allowed to sign official papers in purple ink.

8-    Purple is the color of epilepsy awareness as it is associated with lavender that is a traditional herbal treatment for the disease.

9-    There is a movie called ‘’The Color Purple”. It was released in 1985 and nominated for 11 Oscars.

10-     There is a Purple day that is 26th of March where people dress up in purple and raise awareness for epilepsy.

11-     Purple is considered a non-spectral color. As it is not one of the colors on the spectrum and it doesn’t have its own wavelength of light.

12-     There is too many shades of purple everyone can name like lavender, lilac, mauve, indigo, eggplant, plum, violet, orchid, pomegranate, and puce

13-     The hit ‘’Purple Rain” won an Oscar in 1984 for the best original song.

Those were the 13 reasons, but if you are looking for more reasons. joi is preparing a purple gift for you! Stay tuned and wait for our mega purple surprise!

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