Celebrate With the Stars

Ever wondered if you were the only kid who watched the moon and the stars from the car window wondering if they were following you or you are the one who is following them? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Stars have always been interesting to mankind since long ago. 

Why are stars important? 

During the dark ages, stars have helped humans navigate through Earth. Those tiny shinning things floating in the sky gave people the light they needed to live. They also acted as compasses and maps before that kind of things existed. Stars are also one of the reasons for our existence on Earth. Without that big star (the Sun) Earth would have been just a big rock covered in ice.

The very first star map

And for that great importance of stars, astronomers back then created sky maps or star charts for people to know time and date through constellations. The oldest recognized representation of a star map with the whole constellations is the ancient Egyptian figure placed in the tomb of Senenmut. Following the Ancient Egyptians came the Greeks and then the Chinese and many other cultures that created star maps and believed in them. 

Star maps nowadays 

Today, you can create your own star map to forever memorialize an important event that happened in your life. An event that changed your life completely like when you first met your love, your engagement, a wedding promise, when you got your first baby, or any event that deserves to be celebrated with the glorious stars.

All you have to do is just specify the date, time and location and we will create a custom star map for you that shows how the stars were aligned at that exact time and location. Let the sky celebrate with you and forever have that unforgettable event hanging elegantly on your or your loved one’s wall with joi.

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