Valentine’s Day Gifts under 100 AED In The UAE

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you are on a budget? Not to worry, joi has something for everyone. In this article, we are giving you the best Valentine’s Day gifts idea for those on a budget.

Valentine’s Cake Pops by Chateau Blanc

Valentine's Cake Pops By Chateau Blanc

A set of 6 Valentine’s Cake pops with a stand. Because when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, showering them with cake & candies will surely let you win their hearts easily!

Love Cookies by Chateau Blanc (3 pcs)

Love Cookies By Chateau Blanc (3 Pcs)

A set of 3 pieces of customized love cookies. Because cookies are one of those desserts that are loved by everyone, anytime and in any flavor.

Bucket Full of Love by NJD

Bucket Full Of Love By NJD

A bucket of 10 pieces of chocolate and a picture provided in high resolution with a gift message. Could there be a more romantic, sweet and personalized way to express your love for your loved ones this Valentine’s?

Finesse Madlen by Godiva (64 pcs)

Finesse Madlen By Godiva (64 Pcs)

A box containing 64 pieces of milk and dark Madlen Godiva chocolates.

Because when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, chocolates are the best to make them feel the love.

Teddy Bear Love

Teddy Bear Love

A giant teddy bear is one of a Valentine’s Day classics. This Teddy bear is not just a teddy, it is a balloon teddy! Because sometimes only a giant teddy bear will do. We defy you to find someone whose heart won’t melt as soon as they see this cutie!

Heart Chocolates by Chateau Blanc (8 pcs)

Heart Chocolates By Chateau Blanc (8 Pcs)

8 pieces of heart-shaped praline chocolates. This box is elegant and lovely for Valentine’s Day, again, how would it be a valentine’s day without chocolate.

Valentine’s Macarons by Chateau Blanc

Valentine's Macarons By Chateau Blanc

8 pieces of customized I Love You macarons. Probably the loveliest and cutest macaroons you will see this Valentine’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Cheesecakes by Chateau Blanc (2 pcs)

Heart-Shaped Cheesecakes By Chateau Blanc (2 Pcs)

2 pieces of heart-shaped cheesecakes. Valentine’s Day desserts at its best! Pamper your loved one with this box of 2 heart-shaped cheesecakes.

Rue Vendôme Classic Chocolate Box

Rue Vendôme Classic Chocolate Box

A square-shaped magnetic box containing 16 pieces of assorted milk chocolate with the exquisite flavors of hazelnut nougat, salted caramel, dark orange chocolate, pure milk chocolate, hazelnut gianduja, wafer & hazelnut cream, pure white chocolate, and dark chocolate. Only for the ones who love to explore the perks of life yet never forsake luxury, this is for you!

Teddy Bear Valentine’s Cupcakes by Chateau Blanc

Teddy Bear Valentine's Cupcakes By Chateau Blanc

3 pieces of customized Teddy Bear cupcakes with a stand. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones and cupcakes make the perfect celebration!

Wrapped Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert Truffles

Wrapped Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert Truffles

A 204g pack of Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert Truffles with a layered, dual filling of molten chocolate over decadent dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell individually wrapped in smaller sizes. Enjoy these heavenly bites anytime, anywhere. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Naps Box by Godiva (24 pcs)

Valentine's Day Naps Box By Godiva (24 Pcs)

A box containing 24 pieces of dark pistachio, dark, milk, and hazelnut Godiva Neapolitan chocolates. Do you think there might be any better Valentine’s Day treats?

Customized Love Message Hearts Mug

Customized Love Message Hearts Mug

Make sure to meet your loved one’s expectations this year by sending them this cute special gift and surprise them on this special day. As simple as the gesture may seem, but it’s guaranteed to leave a great impression for a lifetime.

Colorful Hearts Balloon

Colorful Hearts Balloon

Balloons never fail to spread happiness. This colorful lovely heart-shaped balloon will add more happiness to your valentine’s day.

6 Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Godiva

6 Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries By Godiva

These chocolate dipped strawberries are the perfect treat to those who appreciate unique gifts. It’s fresh, light and its taste will linger on your lover’s lips and your mind for God knows how long!

Coeur Icon by Godiva

Godiva Coeur Iconic Large

This beautiful heart shaped box of delicious Godiva pralines will melt the coldest heart. Not only does it showcase your impeccable taste, it eloquently conveys your feelings with irresistible chocolate.

Candylicious Sweets Bouquet (Large) By Candylicious

Candylicious Sweets Bouquet (Large) By Candylicious

There’s nothing more delicious than treats from Candylicious. This is one of the cute Valentine’s Day gifts you can get for your sweetheart.

Red Helium Latex Balloons (6)

Red Helium Latex Balloons (6)

A bouquet of 6 red helium inflated Latex Balloons. This balloons on Valentine’s Day are the best, you can either decorate a room with it, tie it to your gift or just give it as a gift. After all love is one of the greatest feelings and it is totally free of charge. Everyone deserves to be pampered with gifts and should feel the love on Valentine’s Day. Always remember, the value of gifts is never measured by how much it cost but by how much love you put into it.

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