The Guide to Your Birth Month Flowers

Did you know that every month of the year has a specific flower that symbolizes it? This means everyone has his own birth month flower where the characteristics of this flower are likely some of the traits of the person born in this month. In this article, we will be giving you a brief about every month flower and the characteristics of each flower so that you know which flowers to pick when it comes to your loved ones’ birthdays.


People who are born in January are most likely to be characterized with love, fascination and distinction just like carnations. Snowdrops are said to be the flower of January along with carnations based on the US culture. The explanation behind carnation being the flower of January is that January is a cold and gloomy month in most of the countries, in non-frozen areas, many flowers bloom despite the weather, and carnation is one of them.


February’s birth flower is violet. Violets are characterized by faithfulness, wisdom, and hope. Violets make people who are born in February honest and always true. Violets have other shades too, not only purple which is commonly known. In the US culture, February’s flower is primrose which is characterized by modesty, virtue, and distinction. In the Victorian era, gifting violets conveyed the message ‘I’ll always be true’.


March people are always happy just like Daffodils. Daffodils symbolize the spring, respect, domestic happiness and friendship. It also the flower that represents rebirth and new beginnings. Daffodils when gifted, always convey the message of friendship and happiness.


Those who were born in April are as sweet as a sweet pea or a daisy. Sweet peas and daisies symbolize youth, purity, and love. Daisies are the flowers of innocence as well. In the Victorian era, sweet peas were sent to convey gratefulness.


Lily of the valley is the flower of May, it symbolizes appreciation and love. Other meanings are associated with this flower depends on its color. In the Victorian era, Lily of the valley used to be a romantic flower and gives tender messages like “you complete my life”.


Lucky are those who are born in June for they are as lovely as a rose. Rose is the flower of June, it symbolizes love, passion, and sweetness. The beautiful scent of a rose makes it always stand out.


Larkspur is the flower of the month, it is known to symbolize levity and lightness. Larkspur has a beautiful fragrance and too many colorful shades. In the US, water lily is the birth flower of July along with larkspur. The water lily is a joyful, fickleness and sweet flower.


Those who were born in August are known to be as strong as a Gladiolus. Gladius symbolizes moral integrity, the strength of character honor, and infatuation. Gladiolus is a long-lasting flower that comes in different shades like pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, white and green.


Aster and Myosotis are September’s birth flowers. Patience remembrance and daintiness are the characteristics of Aster and Myosotis. They are also known for affection and emotional love.


Marigold is the flower of October. It is known to symbolize warmth, devotion, elegance, and fierce. In the Hindu culture, the month of October is associated with festivals like Dusshera and Diwali where Marigold is highly used in such festivals. 


Peonies are the flowers of November in the US while it is Chrysanthemum in the English culture. Chrysanthemum symbolized Compassion, joy, and friendship. Chrysanthemums convey different meanings depends on the color.  Red resembles love, white means innocence, and yellow denotes unrequited love.


What would be December’s birth flower if Poinsettia was not! Poinsettias are typically associated with Christmas while it is the flower of good cheer and success. Surprisingly, it comes in red, white and pink not just red as commonly known.

Now, what is your birth month flower? Share it with your friends to know their birth month flowers too. And if you are ever looking for flower bouquets for birthdays or any other occasion, joi is the place to go. Browse our variety of flower bouquets and enjoy a fast and free same day delivery.

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