7 Beard Facts You Didn’t Know for World Beard Day

Beards are young men’s dreams. Most boys can’t wait to get older and grow facial hair to show the world their masculinity. But, what if we told you that beard is that important to some people that there’s a holiday where the world comes all together to celebrate the beard? World beard day is not a joke, it falls on the first Saturday of September every ear and this year it is going to be Saturday 9th if September. 

For our beloved bearded friends celebrating the World Beard Day, we gathered for you some fun facts about beards and beards day that you probably didn’t know.  

  1. World Beard Day’s origins are not really known but many references suggest that it belongs to the Danish Vikings dating back to 800 AD. Danish Vikings beard day had no exact date but was celebrated a hundred times a year.
  2. Shaving is not the best thing to do on World Beard Day as it is considered universally disrespectful.
  3. The world’s longest beard record belonged to Hans Langseth whose beard measured 5.33 m (17 ft 6 in) in 1927. 
  4. Beards are cool and masculine for many but it is also scary for some… Pogonophobia is the fear of beards where people diagnosed with it experience nausea, sweating, and troubles in breathing upon seeing a bearded person.
  5. In Ancient Egypt, a gold beard was a trend where men in high ranks dyed their beards and plated them in gold to showcase their authority. Others wore fake metal beards as a symbol of sovereignty 
  6. You might not know that a beard is good for your health, especially for those who have breathing problems. A beard helps men who suffer from pollen or dust allergies as it acts like the nose hair that filters the air before getting into the lungs.
  7. Otto The Great, the Roman emperor used to swear by his beard whenever he is saying anything serious.

If you haven’t grown your beard yet let the World Beard Day be the start to celebrate the next Beard Day with a stunning beard and if you know a bearded guy ad want to honor them on this special day, browse our gifts for men section for grooming gifts and beard oils.

Happy World Beard Day!

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