The 10 Most Popular Mother’s Day Gifts In the Arab World

Mother’s day is one of the well celebrated days in the Arab world. Arab families highly appreciate mothers and try all their best to pamper them on their day very special day. But there are very basic mother’s day gifts that every Arab mother must have received before in Mother’s Day but they would always love to get it again. Here we made a list of those traditional and most popular Mother’s Day gifts in the Arab world maybe to give you a hint about the culture or as a guide of what inspire Arab mothers the most.

  • Home Wear

Elegant home wear or abaya is one of the well-known Mother’s Day Gifts in the Arab region. Cause Arab women like to look as classy at home as they do outside.

Women generally love flowers and would always feel happy upon receiving flower gifts. Flower bouquets are one of the most traditional Mother’s Day gifts for Arabs and almost worldwide.

  • Head scarf

Buying clothing is risky for the size and taste but you can never go wrong with a head scarf for Mother’s Day. Arab mothers will never be bored of head scarves as Mother’s Day gifts as they make an essential piece pf clothing and ccan add a different touch t their outfits.

  • Homeware

Mother’s Day without homeware are incomplete. A set of nice cups, plates, kitchen stuff or home decorations are Mother’s Day gifts classics in the Arab world. Despite mothers receiving homeware almost every Mother’s Day, they will always be welcoming more.

We all know diamonds are women’s best friend, in the Arab world, not just diamonds but gold as well. Gold jewelry are the bestselling Mother’s Day gifts of all times and one of the most precious gifts you can get for your mother.

Cakes are the best friends of every occasion. Although a cake alone cannot be the gift but you will never go wrong with pairing your gift with a nice cake.

Chocolate gifts are one of Mother’s Day basics not just for Arabs but for everyone, because every mother in the world deserves the best chocolates.

Perfume gifts are an Arab-go-to when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts! It is easy to buy and it makes mothers happy, so why not!

  • Electronics

Either it is personal stuff like a new phone, iPad or a tablet or something for the kitchen like a kitchen machine or a blender Arab mothers will always welcome technology to her home. It makes her life easier.

  • Purse

Hand purses make women feel safe with all their stuff carried with them whenever they go. An Arab mother will always appreciate a hand purse no matter how many she has already. Whether you decided to follow the norms or break it, we at joi offer you the best and widest variety of mother’s Day gifts that suits all tastes and personalities. Browse now and pamper your mother in the most joi-ful way.

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