The Cupcake Mosaic

At joi, we appreciate women and believe in their ability to change lives and support nations. This Emirati Women’s Day, we wanted to pay tribute to Emirati women for their undeniable achievements and efforts in a creative, different way. And because Emirati women possess a superpower, we thought they deserve a super-act on their special day…  like 1,056 cupcakes! Yes, you read it right, one thousand fifty-six cupcakes. 

In collaboration with Manzil Downtown and Château Blanc, we created a piece of art…  a mosaic image of an Emirati woman with a backdrop of the Emirati flag, all made with cupcakes. We call it the ‘Cupcake Mosaic’!

It started at Château Blanc where the highly skilled chefs spent hours and hours baking and decorating the cupcakes using the finest quality ingredients. The cupcakes were then produced with chocolate, vanilla and red velvet flavors. And for decorating, five different shades of frosting were used to perfectly form the Cupcake Mosaic.

These cupcakes were then taken with care to Manzil Downtown, where we spent seven hours arranging them to form this masterpiece.  And despite the fact that it took us more than 180 man-hours to create the whole thing, it doesn’t compare to the time and effort women exert on a daily basis to accomplish such great achievements.

We are glad that H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, started the celebration of Emirati Women’s Day on 28th August 2015, honoring and appreciating all the Emirati women out there.

You can see the exhibit by visiting the Manzil Downtown anytime before the 7th of September.  And if you liked the Cupcake Mosaic idea and want this super-gift to be presented at work, home or an event to the Emirati women you appreciate having in your life, you can order it now, exclusively from Available in the mega-size of 1,056 cupcakes, a medium one of 100 cupcakes, and a small-sized one of 50 cupcakes.

Happy Emirati Women’s Day everyone!

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