Your Ultimate Guide for Birthday Flowers

Sending flowers as a birthday gift can express so many feelings without saying a single word. Flowers have this special ability to let your loved ones know that you’re thinking about them, you truly love them, and you want to gift them the beauty of nature in the form of an elegant birthday flower bouquet. 

We all know that flowers are for everyone and anyone, but gifting a bouquet of birthday flowers that is designed with the age of the recipient in mind, shows that you put some effort into your gift and gave it a bit more personal attention. 

If you are looking for help picking out the perfect birthday flowers in the UAE depending on how old your special ones are turning, here is your ultimate guide for birthday flowers based on the recipient’s age!

16th Birthday Flowers

Gifting flowers for a 16-year-old or late teen friend or relative might seem challenging but it is actually fun! Being 16 means they are beginning to spread their wings, and their floral taste should reflect that. Opt for sophisticated flowers than luxurious ones when gifting a teen. A bouquet of bold colored flowers or local exotic ones like orchids or tulips will match their personality perfectly. You can either mix and match different shades of the same flower like different shades of roses or use more than one flower to create a bold bouquet. 

20th Birthday Flowers 

Being 20 years old means they are on the peak of developing their personality, identifying their likes and dislikes, and started to have their own taste in everything. While choosing a birthday flower bouquet for 20-year-old women or men, it is recommended to keep the recipient and their personal traits in mind. Send red roses if they are romantic, purple daisies for the adventurous ones, and honeysuckle or thistle for the ambitious. Different colors of flowers may symbolize and influence moods, which gives you the opportunity to personalize a bouquet based on the recipient’s personality and preference. Bear in mind that bold, vibrant, and lively bouquets fit perfectly for some, while others may prefer a simple bouquet with lighter colors depends on their personalities. 

Bonus tip: Daisies symbolize youth. When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with a bouquet of daisies while gifting a special one on their 20th birthday.

30th Birthday Flowers

Turning 30 is considered a milestone for many. It’s an age that is associated with full maturity. Reaching 30 years old means they now have a solid background of their likes and dislikes, they are more practical and ambitious than they were in their 20s. While buying birthday flowers for your 30-year-old special one, make sure you opt for an arrangement with a vase. Being practical means they will reuse the vase even after the flowers dry out. 

Succulents in decorative pots might also be a perfect gift for that friend celebrating a birthday in their thirties. As succulents make a long-term gift that might last for the rest of their thirties and it is also a low maintenance home plant that matches the fast-paced nature of life for a person in their thirties. 

40th Birthday Flowers

By the age of 40, people probably have their life together. They have advanced in their career, started a family, or finally have the chance to travel the world and start achieving their dreams. Go for classy, refined birthday flowers when gifting a loved one on their 40th birthday. Make sure your flower gift reflects their personality with a touch of luxuriousness.

Bonus tip: Blue iris and euphoria are the flowers that symbolize wisdom. Mix them in a bouquet or use any of them to create a perfect birthday flower bouquet for a 40th birthday.

50th Birthday Flowers 

The 50th birthday represents a significant milestone in one’s life. It’s been half a century they are living their best life and making memories. Pick out birthday flowers that signify wealth, prosperity, and fortune like Alstroemeria. Elegance and luxury are your key factors when creating a beautiful 50th birthday flower bouquet. Fragrant and bright blooms like pink roses or blue orchids are also a good option to symbolize the good years they have spent and the bright ones that are coming. 

60th Birthday Flowers

Life begins at 60! Celebrating the birthday of your special ones who made it into their sixties should be fun!! It is their time to relax, unwind, and celebrate their life. Opt for a tropical birthday flower bouquet full of white lilies and yellow orchids or classical colored blooms when gifting a loved one on their 60th birthday. 

Bonus tip: Chrysanthemum is the bloom that signifies long life. Gifting a bouquet of chrysanthemums will show how you wish the recipient a long life ahead.

70th Birthday Flowers

Turning 70 is an event that is worth celebrating! When gifting birthday flowers for your special one who just turned 70, go for a bouquet that contains blooms that used to fill their gardens in long-ago times, to bring a touch of memory and home to the birthday. 

Bonus tip: When in doubt, send a bouquet of roses. Roses are known as the 70th birthday flower in many cultures.

80th Birthday Flowers

Don’t you think an 80-year-old deserves something special for making it through all the ups and downs that life has thrown at them for eighty years? Give them the gift of flowers for the rest of their life by sending a flower subscription. Let them enjoy some fresh roses, lilies, orchids, and tulips delivered to their doorstep every week or once a month. This is truly the birthday gift that keeps on giving! 

90th Birthday Flowers

Watching a loved one turning 90 is beautiful. Celebrating 90th birthdays is like celebrating a life that is full of memories, achievements, love, and happiness. Appreciate your special one who is turning 90 and gift them the birthday flowers that truly match this golden age. Flowers not only have harvesting seasons, but they also have fashion seasons. Think of gifting a bouquet that contains flowers that were at the height of fashion in the past years. That will definitely bring back all the lovely memories they had with their loved ones. 

Bonus tip: if you cannot decide which flowers to get, go for long life roses. They are low maintenance flowers that require no watering or special care and they also look beautiful. 

Birthday Flowers for All Ages

Age is just a number when it comes to gifting flowers! If you can’t decide which flowers to get, bear in mind the recipient’s taste, favorite colors or blooms, flower fashion, and recipient’s personality. 

It is also great to know that some flowers never go out of style and match almost every age like roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, daisies, and various types of foliage and berries.
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