Best Belgian Chocolate Brands

Some countries are famous for the weather, others are famous for their monuments; but when it comes to Belgium, there is no other place where chocolate is as famous as in there. Belgian chocolate is the first thing tourists are eager to try once they land in Brussels. The unique recipe of chocolate has made it all way to every country in the world and Belgian chocolate brands are now serving everywhere. 

If you’re a fan of Belgian chocolate or you’re trying it for the first time, in this article, we gathered for you the best Belgian chocolate brands to try!

Belvas chocolate

Belvas Chocolate

Belvas chocolate is not only famous for its mouthwatering truffles and pralines, but also for the social commitment and making ecological chocolates. The chocolatier has won many prizes, including ‘’ most ecological micro-company of Europe’’ by the European Commission.

Bruyerre chocolate

Bruyerre Belgian Chocolate

Bruyerre has developed a range of chocolates that are famous for their fillings that vary from hazelnut praline, ganache to gianduja. Buyerre is considered one of the best Belgian chocolate brands as it exports worldwide. It is also made with the best ingredients and the most sophisticated recipes, 

Côte d’Or chocolate

Côte d’Or Chocolate

On 24 April 1883, a Belgian icon was born while the first chocolate bar was created in 1911. Côte d’Or is famous for its unique flavors including the Mignonnette, Bouchée, Chokotoff, biscuit bars, Noir de Noir, Noir Intense, and Noir Brut. The reasons behind Côte d’Or’s success and being one of the best Belgian chocolate brands are the expert craftsmanship, faithfulness to the unique flavor, and the original recipe. 

Godiva Belgian Chocolate

Godiva Belgian Chocolate

Godiva is one of the most known Belgian chocolate brands worldwide. Its origin dates back to 1926. Founded by Joseph Draps, whose first shop was located near the Grand Place, and later founded a chocolate company in the heart of Brussels. By today, Godiva has many shops around the world. The quality of Godiva’s original chocolates and the smooth taste has never failed to impress whoever tries it. 

Leonidas chocolate

Leonidas Chocolate

One of the renowned brands worldwide, Leonidas has more than 1,250 chocolate shops over 50 countries, Leonidas is famous for the freshness, affordable prices, and quality of its artisanal chocolates. The chocolate is manufactured using traditional methods from the finest ingredients of pure cocoa butter and 100% natural ingredients. 

Mary chocolate

Mary Chocolate

Mary Chocolatier. founded in 1919 by Madame Marie Delluc, has become one of the most delicious chocolate brands in the world. Mary’s ultimate success is known by the Belgian royal family, who gave recognition to Mary, making it into the official supplier of chocolate of the Royal House in 1942.

Neuhaus chocolate

Neuhaus Chocolate

For those who are into history as much as chocolate, Neuhaus might be your favorite brand. Their original shop in Brussels is believed to be the shop where the world’s first chocolates were created nearly a century ago. Founded by Jean Neuhaus in 1857. Neuhaus is enormous for a wide variety, with over 60 different shapes and fillings such as praline, gianduja, ganache, or cream.

Those were the best Belgian chocolate brands you should try. If you’re looking for more, visit us at joi and enjoy a variety of Belgian, French, and Swiss chocolate from local and international brands like Eclat, Forrey&Galland, Elsa, Jeff De Bruges, NJD, and more.

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