What Makes joi Unique?

What do you do when you want to make a dear friend feel special, surprise a loved one or send someone a gift when you can’t be there yourself?

There is a place, that was set up to let you do just that. A platform that offers a range of gifts perfectly matching life’s many unique moments and sentiments that allows you to  turn the experience of gift-giving into memorable occasions for you and those you care about the most.

joi was born out of the belief that the world can be made a happier place, one gift at a time. We source the best quality flowers from the leading florists of our cities, ensuring that every bouquet is an outstanding one. We even offer weekly and monthly flower bouquet subscriptions to those who love flowers as much as we do.

We have appointed a gift-delivery task force to ensure that all our gifts are delivered in style and on time.  ‘Agents of joi’, sporting continental joi uniforms and impeccable manners, are qualified to deliver romantic, funny, classy or silly Dancing or Singing telegrams fitting the occasion.

Why not use joi Assistant and Express Find feature when you are high on passion, yet low on inspiration and in desperate need of advice.  When you are strapped for time, yet know what you are looking for or when the calendar reminds you to “surprise” a loved one, yet fails to tell you “how”. You can task our round-the-clock friendly joi Assistant to help you select the most appropriate gift for those who matter to you the most.

To make your gift even more personal, we give you joiCam, which allows you to record private video/voice messages for your loved ones! The password protected message  is delivered with your gift by the Agent of joi! This feature also allows the recipient to respond with the message of their own, so you get to find out just how special you’ve made them feel.

With that in mind, we think you’d agree that we don’t just hand-deliver gifts – we create ‘joi moments’ that connect, strengthen existing relationships and help build new ones.

Send your loved ones a joi gift and give them the gift of joy.

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