10 Ramadan Gifts You’ve Been Looking For in Dubai

Ramadan is the holy month in the Islamic year. People tend to celebrate it with their families and friends despite the long tiring hours of fasting. Ramadan is famous for family gathering at the Iftar time where people gather at one of the family members’ house and break their fasts together. Where there is family gatherings there must be gifts. And Ramadan gifts are not like any other gifts on the year. Here we gathered for you the best Ramadan gifts to choose from for your next family Iftar together in Dubai.

Ramadan Fanous

A fanous (lantern) is the most famous one among all Ramadan gifts. It signifies Ramadan and loved by everyone not only kids. Get a Fanous to decorate the recipient’s home or one that is filled with Ramadan delicacies.

Deluxe Eid Basket

What comes after Ramadan is Eid, one of the options of gifts you can give during Ramadan is not only Ramadan gifts but maybe some good for the Eid too. Get a box full of candies, chocolates, pickles, dates and much more goods for a mega celebration.

Luxury Dates

Dates are very famous during Ramadan. It is the first thing people eat after the long fast. A box of dates is one of the best Ramadan gifts you can present for any one in Dubai.

Fruit Box

Fruits are a good option as Ramadan Gifts, due to the big family gathering that takes place at every house. It is a good gesture to bring some kind of food with you to help the one who holds the gathering. No one would say no to fruits after having the Iftar.

Arabian Magic Desserts

One of the most delicious Ramadan gifts you can ever gift during Ramadan is Kunafa! This oriental Arabic sweet combination with nuts, mango or chocolate is just amazing! It is very famous during the season with different flavors and fillings.

Energy Hamper 

After the long, tiring hours of fasting in the very hot weather. Some energy boosters will be highly appreciated as Ramadan Gifts. Get a hamper full of dates, honey and nuts to help them through the whole 30 fasting days.

Kaaba Replica

All Islamic stuff are very welcome as Ramadan Gifts. Get a Kaaba replica to wish the recipient a spiritual Umrah for this Eid. That will make them very happy to have.

After Iftar Stuffed Cake

A cake is an ultimate gift for every occasion. To make it stand out from the rest of Ramadan Gifts, get a customized cake with Islamic motifs or decorated with Ramadan’s crescent on it

Turquoise Prayer Beads

Prayer beads are considered one of the nicest Ramadan Gifts too. During Ramadan everybody is busy with prayers most of the times. Let them celebrate the holly month with a new prayer beads to remember you every time they are having their spiritual moments with Allah.

Shine Like The Moon Balloon

Do not forget the kids when getting Ramadan Gifts. A helium balloon with the shape of a crescent will be a very cute gift for the kids to celebrate the month too.

Those were the top 10 Ramadan Gifts to celebrate with everyone the holy month in Dubai. Do not forget to pamper yourself too! This month comes once in a year, make sure you enjoy it well with your beloved family and friends.

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