The History behind Wedding Gifts

Wedding ceremonies are one of those traditions that exist in every country of the world. There might be slight differences in the way people celebrate weddings but some things remain basic in every wedding like the gifts. You’ll be surprised to know that the tradition of wedding gifts dates back to 3000 B.C. In this article, we will be digging into the history of the gifts and know all about who started it, when did it start and what are the latest trends of it.

Historical Wedding Gifts

The earliest forms known of wedding gifts originated from the idea of dowry or a bride price. The bride price was paid to the bride’s family by the groom to secure the woman who is getting married. It was mainly land, animals, money, and other forms of wealth. This tradition still exists in many cultures till this day but the very first recorded dowry was exchanged in 3,000 B.C.

The Era of Wedding Chests

A couple of thousands of years later, with the beginning of the Renaissance, a different form of wedding rituals was developed. The marriage chest or hope chest was the bride’s essentials set. It was a chest that contained dishes, cups, linens and anything a bride would need for her new house. Women used to collect all these kind of stuff needed on their wedding chest getting ready for the marriage.

A key basket was later the trend when it comes to gifts for weddings, a basket made of leather filled with keys to unlock the new house’s doors. It was gifted to the bride as a symbol that she will be the mistress of her new home holding the keys of every door.

The Modern Era of Wedding Gifts

In 1924, Macy’s the retail giant, introduced the first wedding gift registry and other department stores quickly joined the craze. The very first wedding gift registries contained crystals, silver, and china patterns. These items were the very common wedding gifts for any bride. China patterns were numerous by that time and choosing the right one was an essential component of making the right wedding gifts.

Wedding Gifts Nowadays

Wedding gifts never stopped since the bride price of 3000 B.C. Recently, they became in a simpler form like picture frames, houseware, home accessories or anything that helps in furnishing the couple’s new home. Many couples prefer to receive one of the most classic wedding gifts which are money. Money would help the couple to buy something specific they need, or to travel somewhere for their honeymoon maybe. If you are looking for wedding gifts to send to your newly married friends, check or joi-ful collection of wedding gifts or break the norms and send choose one of our crazy experience gifts and let them experience fun in a different way.

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