Evolution of Ramadan Desserts

Ramadan isn’t just the holiest month of the year. It is the annual chance for families to gather together on Iftar and share the laughs, talks, pictures, and of course the very delicious food. After food comes one of Ramadan’s superstars, deserts. Ramadan desserts play a very important role during Ramadan, it is the ultimate gift at all the family gatherings. 

In the Arab world, creative bakers and dessert makers kept adding flavors and mixing sweet treats together to come up with new desserts every year. In this article, we are going to take you through a list of Ramadan’s traditional desserts along with the modernized desserts that we all fell in love with. 

Traditional Ramadan Desserts: 


Basbousa Ramadan Desserts

Basbousa is one of the most known Ramadan desserts in the Middle East. In Egypt, it is called Basbousa, Revani in Turkey, and Namoura in Syrian. Basbousa is a sweet dessert made of semolina, soaked in sweet syrup, topped with nuts like pistachio or hazelnut or it can just be eaten plain.


Qatayif Ramadan Desserts

We cannot be speaking about Ramadan desserts without mentioning qatayif! Qatayif is the famous Middle Eastern pancake, mostly known in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Egypt. Qatayif resembles pancakes folded in half and filled with cream or nuts, deep-fried, and soaked with syrup.


Kunafah Ramadan Desserts

Kunafah is considered the queen of Middle Eastern desserts especially in Ramadan since the Ottoman Empire. It’s made of shredded phyllo dough stuffed with cream or coconut and nuts and drizzled with sugar syrup/honey. 


Baklawa Ramadan Desserts

The delicious, crispy, baklawa is on top of the traditional Ramadan desserts list in the Middle East. Baklawa is a flaky multi-layered sweet dessert made with phyllo pastry and filled with nuts such as pistachios, walnuts, or almonds. Baklawa is usually served in small gateaux sizes and pronounced as “baklava” in Turkish and Greek

Modernaized Ramadan Desserts:

In recent years, desserts makers started to infuse the western delicacies with the eastern ones to produce some new masterpieces of flavors that serve perfectly right after Iftar during Ramadan. Here is a list of some of the new modernized Ramadan desserts that you shouldn’t miss this Ramadan.

Mango Kunafah

Mango Kunafah Ramadan Desserts

If you’re a fan of cream stuffed kunafah, you shouldn’t miss mango kunafah. It is the same traditional kunafah that we all love but infused with pieces of fresh mango in the middle and sometimes on top. Making an even sweeter, light dessert for Ramadan’s gathering. 

Nutella Qatayif

Nutella Qatayif Ramadan Desserts

Yes, you read it right, Nutella qatayif is now a thing! Taking the traditional Ramadan dessert to the next level; qatayif is now stuffed with delicious Nutella and nuts instead of just nuts and everyone seems to like it. 

Red Velvet Aish Al Saraya

Red Velvet Aish Al Saraya Ramadan Dessert

Mixing east with west, patisseries came with this new flavor and it tastes really good. Aish Al Saraya is a traditional Lebanese dessert made of sweetened bread and often drizzled with very sweet syrup and covered with cream on top.

Kunafah Lotus

Kunafah Lotus Ramadan Desserts

Taking kunafah to a whole new level! Kunafah is now infused with Lotus paste and it is selling like mad!

Basbousa Nutella

Basbousa Nutella Ramadan Desserts

For those with a sweet tooth, this dessert is for you. Infusing the famous Ramadan dessert basbousa with the all-time favorite Nutella is quite an invention! 

Kunafah Cupcakes

Kunafah Cupcakes Ramadan Desserts

Kunafah bites placed in little cups topped with different flavors like mango, cream, nuts, Nutella and Lotus are the new trend. An ideal bite-sized dessert for those who crave a little treat after the long hous of fasting.

Chocolate Topped Luqmet Al Qady

Chocolate Topped Luqmet Al Qady Ramadan Desserts

Luqmet Al Qady is a traditional Ramadan dessert made of deeply fried dough and eaten with honey, powdered sugar, or sweet syrup. The modernized Luqmet Al Qady is topped with a mix of dark, milk, and white chocolate instead of honey. 

The list goes on! But those were the top traditional and modernized Ramadan desserts that we all love! Whether you are the classical type of desserts lover or the one who is into trying new flavors, Joi has something for everyone! Browse our wide selection of Ramadan gifts and desserts and light up any Iftar gathering with a sweet treat from Joi!

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