A Symphony of Flavors: Chocolate Gifts for Mom

All moms deserve something sweet and indulgent on Mother’s Day, and what better gift is there other than chocolate gifts for Mom? In this blog, we will discover 10 of our top chocolate gifts for Mom that will add an extra touch of sweetness to her special day.

Chocolates Gift Hamper from Neuhaus

Neuhaus Large Chocolates Gift Hamper

The Neuhaus Large Chocolates Gift Hamper is a wonderful gift option for Mother’s Day. It is packed with seven different premium Belgian chocolate essentials, including a selection of milk and dark chocolates, a box of pralines, a box of truffles, hazelnut spread, and more! Indulge your mom with this elegant and unique hamper – one of our top chocolate gifts for Mom.

Love You Mom Chocolate 

Love You Mom Chocolate by NJD

This gift box from Not Just Desserts includes 10 pcs of assorted Belgian chocolate with “Love You Mom” message on those Belgian bites. Elevate the celebration with a gourmet touch and express your love to your mom in the sweetest possible way with these chocolate gifts for Mom.

Godiva’s Royal Box 

Extra Large Size Royal Box By Godiva

With its velvet-like texture, this luxury box of Godiva Chocolates is the perfect choice for chocolate gifts for Mom. It consists of 56 pieces of the best-selling handpicked Godiva pralines and truffles in addition to 144 pieces of Godiva Carres. Treat your mom to the ultimate indulgence with the luxurious Godiva Chocolates gift box. 

Angelina’s Chocolate Bonbons

Angelina Chocolate Bonbons

Make your mom’s day even sweeter with the delightful Angelina Chocolate Bonbons. This box of 20 pieces offers a variety of scrumptious flavors, including dark chocolate ganache, chocolate caramel, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate sesame Gianduja, lime chocolate, chocolate Rocher, chocolate cardamom, and chocolate neroli. Treat her taste buds to a symphony of flavors with these irresistible chocolate gifts for Mom.

Lilac Orchid Gift Arrangement 

Lilac Orchid Gift Arrangement by NJD

This elegant tray by Not Just Desserts features an assortment of chocolate-covered dates and scrumptious milk chocolates in various irresistible flavors like Speculoos, Rice Crispy, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, Kinder, and more. The tray is beautifully decorated with lilac orchids, making it one of the top chocolate gifts for Mom.

Dark Chocolate Dates Classic Box from Mirzam Chocolatier 

Dark Chocolate Dates Classic Box Of 70 By Mirzam Chocolatier

This box by Mirzam Chocolate Makers is one of the top chocolate gifts for Mom. Wrapped in artwork inspired by the vibrant shades of Qasr Al Hosn, this box of 70 pieces is a delightful treat for your mom. Indulge her taste buds with Khalas dates infused with natural spices, nuts, and fruits, all covered in a variety of premium chocolate coatings. 

Mother’s Day Chocolate Oreos 

Mother's Day Chocolate Oreos

Say “Happy Mother’s Day” in the most delicious way with these chocolate-covered Oreos. This special box contains 12 mouthwatering milk chocolate-covered Oreos adorned with the letters MOM. A simple yet scrumptious gift that will surely delight your mom.

Godiva’s Velvet Chocolate Gift Box 

Velvet Chocolate Gift Box Beige 20 pcs by Godiva

This beautiful Velvet gift box holds 20 luscious assorted chocolates, including GODIVA favorites. This luxurious velvet box is one of the top-selling chocolate gifts for Mom. Show her your love and appreciation with this indulgent and irresistible gift.

Neuhaus Chocolates Leather Tray

Neuhaus Orange Leather Chocolates Tray

Any mother would love an elegant chocolate tray, and this one from Neuhaus will surely impress. Filled with a delightful assortment of premium Belgian chocolates in milk, dark, and white varieties, this tray is a truly unforgettable gift for mom.

Mum Ruby Chocolate Bars

Ruby Chocolate Bars by NJD

Ruby chocolates? That will surely make your mom’s special day even sweeter! This gift box from Not Just Desserts features two handcrafted ruby chocolate bars, specially designed to delight the best mom in the world. 
Show your mom just how much you care by sending her delicious chocolate gifts for Mom. From gourmet assortments to heavenly truffles and enticing gift baskets, our list has something for every mom. We hope that our curated selection of ten top chocolate gifts for Mom has provided you with inspiration to find the perfect gift for your mom.

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