6 Tips to Make Your Love Last Forever

Have you thought about how to keep your love forever whether to a wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend or a fiancee? They say eternal love exists only in fairytales but we believe a little effort from both sides will turn any love story into a forever one. In this article, we have gathered for you 6 tips on how to make your love last forever. Continue reading for a bonus tip!

1- Don’t take love for granted

Taking love for granted is one of the reasons why most of the relationships fail to last. When you put some effort into your work, it pays off. That is exactly what would happen when you focus on your love life and your partner. After taking care of yourself, your partner should be a priority. Like a flower or a plant, love needs to be nurtured in order to stay vibrant and alive.

2- Spend time with your partner

For some, time is money; but putting time into your relationships is a deal worth the investment. Spending time does not mean doing anything extra, just being there or listening to how their day went is enough to make your partner know much they mean to you. Sometimes you might have to say no to friends’ plans or staying late at work but remember, your love is a priority and you have to invest some time in it. 

3- Make your loved one smile

Making your partner smile would be an easy task if you know what makes them happy. It might be as simple as washing the dishes, coming back home with a flower, sending a morning text or cooking a nice dinner for them. If you have not figured out yet what makes your partner smile, let this be your next mission. Trust us, a smile could do wonders!

4- Random gifts or surprises are true magic

Knowing your partner’s taste is key to a happy relationship. Anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, and occasion gifts, in general, are expected even though it makes your partner happy. If you are looking to walk the extra mile and please them even more, then opt for the unexpected random gifts. It does not have to be fancy gifts but leaving a love letter, a thank you note for the tasty food they cooked, a flower for no reason, their favorite chocolate bar or something they have always wanted would make them over the moon! It will genuinely make your partner know how much you love them and that they were on your mind all day. 

5- Be yourself

Your partner had fallen in love with you for who you are. Don’t try to be someone else or mirror your partner. Make time for yourself, spend some time alone, chase your own dreams and make yourself happy. If you expect your partner to be the source of your own happiness, you will end up disappointed.

6- Don’t let fights ruin your love

Fights happen, all the time and for too many reasons no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Fighting or getting mad at each other does not mean you stopped loving each other or it is time for the relationship to end. It takes a wise couple to understand that a fight is not the end of the world and keeping love is the most important thing after all. Let go of the things that frustrate you and remind your partner of all the good things that you share.

Now it is time for the bonus tip from joi!

7- Celebrate Valentine’s Day; the most romantic event of the year and bring your loved one a gift that symbolizes eternal love. Our “True Love Bundle” reflects forever love in too many ways, it consists of a long life red rose in a luxury box. That long life rose, unlike traditional roses, can live up to 1 whole year. It comes along with a star map that depicts how the stars looked like on a special night of your choice. Out of all the Valentine’s Day gifts, this one is sure to impress your loved one. This gift will let them know how you cherish the sweet memories you had with them. Perhaps it’s the day you met, your wedding night, or any special occasion that brought you together to write the story of true love, a love that never dies.

Those were 7 tips on how to make your love last forever. If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day gifts to pamper your loved one this Valentine, check our wide selection of Valentine’s Day gifts on joi and let your partner know how much you will forever love them!

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