Bespoke corporate gifting and enhancing work environments

  • Bespoke gifting
  • Free delivery
  • Enterprise focused

Flexible enterprise oriented gifting solutions for customers and employees.

Our Joiful Customers

[email protected] is an online enterprise gifting platform

designed to take the complexities out of choosing, organizing, and delivering personalized bespoke gifting moments and workspace enhancements.

  • Bespoke gifting
  • Free delivery
  • Enterprise focused
Employee Engagement

Give your employees the recognition that they deserve and make them feel empowered - Organizations with engaged employees have been seen to outperform companies with lower levels of engagement by up to 202% - Gallup.


Loyal consumers will make your job easier through Word of Mouth Marketing - still by far the most valuable form of marketing in the world. If they like you, they will tell their friends!


First impressions last - set the tone as your client walks in the door and create a dynamic work environment for your employees.

Some Of Our Unique Features

  • Exclusive Promotion
    Exclusive Promotion

    Bespoke pricing and bundles just for [email protected] users

  • Billing & Invoicing
    Billing & Invoicing

    Flexible payment options to suit enterprise needs

  • Bulk Orders
    Bulk Orders

    Upload .csv for one-time multiple-order request

  • Tracking & Reporting
    Tracking & Reporting

    Better understand your gifting volumes and patterns

  • Scheduling

    Set and forget your monthly gifting requirements

  • Templates

    Templated messages and gift options for quick consistent checkout

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