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  • Velvet Perfume Collection
  • Velvet Perfume Collection
  • Velvet Perfume Collection
  • Velvet Perfume Collection
  • Velvet Perfume Collection

Velvet Perfume Collection

Velvet Collection is not just perfume! A fragrant musky group that was specially made to suit your occasions. VELVET is designed with high standards that give it the ultimate luxury.

Gift Details:

  • A pack of 5 perfumes:
  1. Musk Saffron Perfume (Hair Mist): Here is the wonderful combination of distinction and individuality with the warmth of saffron flowers and the attractiveness of Bulgarian musk, a scent that captivates you and lasts for a long time. Size: 20ml
  2. Musk Ghazal Perfume (Hair Mist): It is a classic fragrance inspired by the scents of leather and tobacco mixed with incense and Bulgarian musk. Size: 20ml
  3. Musk Amber Perfume (Hair Mist): Enjoy the scent of French amber and the harmony of strength and softness between tuberose and Bulgarian musk, to get a scent suitable for your occasions. Size: 20ml
  4. Musk Hill Perfume (Hair Mist): This fragrance outperformed its counterparts with its unique fragrant blend, as it begins with cardamom extract, and harmonizes with incense to settle with the scent of Bulgarian musk! Very attractive, and gets to know your feelings very quickly. Size: 20ml
  5. Musk Oud Perfume (Hair Mist): Smells of roses and vanilla mixed with oud to carry within it luxury and sophistication. Size: 20ml
  • Hair perfume contains: glycerin, collagen, and vitamin E to protect and nourish your hair and make it healthy and shiny
  • This also comes with a cloth bag integrated inside the product that contains:
  1. A smoothing and soothing hair serum. It is used by placing a drop in the hand and distributing it to the hair before using perfume
  2. Cream "Khamriya" for the body
  3. A plastic comb to distribute the scent after perfuming

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  • SKU: joi56228-riyadh

SAR 575VAT Inclusive
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