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Heleume Perfume Box

Heleume Perfume Box

A box containing 4 crystal bottles, two of them are 50 ML and the other two are 25 ML with the option to fill them with the scent of your choice from the below options. - SPICE : The fragrance opens with a top note of warm spicy pepper and develops into lavender (MALE) - SILVER : It expertly blends fruity notes of mandarin orange and bergamot with soothing green tea, black currant and galbanum. Essences of musk, sandalwood and petit grain add the finishing touches (MALE) - NIGHT AMBRE : The fragrance features amber, bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, rose (Unisex) - BLACK OUD : Indonesian patchouli leaves over a fragrant bed of mandarin, musk and rose petals. (Unisex) - VALENTINE : floral scents of jasmine, tuberose, and orang flower with the wholesome sweetness of strawberry. (Female) - WOMEN IN LOVE : flower and sweet, citrusy orange blossom are accented by vanilla spice, amber's warming touch and the nuanced note of vetiver (Female)"

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