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Dhad Pen

Looking for an ethnic gift that stands out? You can never go wrong with this Dhad Pen. Thanks to its genuine design that makes it the perfect gift that makes a statement on any occasion

Gift Details:

  • The Dhad pen is made with 100% Saudi supervision and design.
  • It is 0.7 mm
  • Designed in glossy black color and the golden anthropomorphic letters in Arabic Thuluth script.
  • Winding cover for protection.
  • Solid embossment in golden color.
  • The cap has the letter ""ض"", the Arabic symbol.
  • You can draw a line up to 800 meters long with the amount of ink in the pen.
  • Two years warranty for color dissolution.
  • Luxurious leather box.
  • The length of the pen is 13.5 cm
  • The diameter of the pen circle is 1 cm
  • The weight of the pen is 60 grams
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