Numeric Jumbo-Size Foil Helium Balloon

Age is just a number! Balloons are one of the most iconic forms of joi! Light up any birthday party by sending balloon-ing ages of your loved ones Even though we know that age is just a number, we can't resist the awesomeness of this numeric jumbo-sized foil helium balloon! Bring more joi to any birthday party by sending this high-quality foil balloon that is guaranteed to last for weeks.

Gift Details:

  • Size: 40 inch
  • Material: Foil
  • Type: Helium balloon
  • Available colors: Gold, silver, black, pink, blue and rose gold

Availability: In stock
AED 50

Balloons work well when it comes to adding a festive feel to the party! For some time, they seemed to have been just the thing for the kids, but no more! Large helium balloons have firmly made their way into our festivities-filled lives and shine brightly over our birthday tables, next to flower arrangements and in the lenses of our cameras.

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