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Biggdesign Bags on Hips
Biggdesign Bags on Hips

Biggdesign Bags on Hips

Anatolia's rich texture in various periods of life is reflected in various motifs that have reached our present day describing the life cycle. The 'birth, life, and death' cycle is reflected in all works of art and crafts, and communities in Anatolia and the surrounding areas, who belong to various Nature Religions lived around this circle concept. One of these valuable motifs is 'Elibelinde' which translates to 'Hands on her Hips', and is the symbol of femininity. Not only maternity and fertility, but it also symbolizes good luck, prosperity, fortune, happiness and joy. Biggdesign has brought this to you in Biggdesign Bags on Hips, exclusively designed by Müge Barış for Biggdesign, and made from raw cloth and should be hand-washed in cold water.

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Joi Gifts - The art of gifting