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Customized 3D Silver Ring by First Impression Artwork

This Customized 3D Silver Ring by First Impression Artwork is the perfect gift for the new mom and dad. Capture the adorable impression of the baby's hands or feet with this gorgeous customized bracelet. The team at First Impression Artwork uses their gentle approach to stamp the hand or foot onto a surface that contains skin-safe liquid, which captures even the tiniest lines. With Joi Gifts delivering you a physical voucher for this product, you can send a gift that will be treasured for many years to come.

Gift Details:

  • A customizable silver ring with a name and 3D impression of a baby's foot or hand.
  • The Ring can be gold plated upon your request.
  • To get a proper 3D impression, the team gently immerses hand/foot into a special liquid, and keeps limbs in it for 40 seconds, forming the exact shape of hand/foot.
  • The liquid is non-toxic, allergy free and safe for all skin types.
  • Kids who are older than 2 months must be sleeping while we take the impression.
  • Joi Gifts will be delivering a physical voucher for this product.
  • Please call the First Impression Artwork from the number on the voucher to schedule your appointment and share the reference number on your voucher.
  • Once the item is ready, your final product will be delivered to your location.

  • Availability: Out of Stock
  • SKU: joim-10141

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