Customized 2D Hand & Foot Double Window Frame by FIA main image
Customized 2D Hand & Foot Double Window Frame by FIA main image

Customized 2D Hand & Foot Double Window Frame by FIA

Customized 2D hand & foot double window frame by FIA 2D Impression is an impression of the surface of the palm or foot, to get the 2D impression, your child can be awake, as it takes us just few seconds to get an impression. The team gently stamps the hand/foot on a surface that contains silicon to get the impression of the palm/foot. This material is absolutely safe for any age and any skin type. Even the tiniest lines will be captured and treasured for many years to come.

joigifts will be delivering a physical voucher for this product. Please call the First Impression Artwork from the number on the voucher to schedule your appointment and share the reference number on your voucher. After the schedule, The First Impression Artwork team will come to your place to take the baby's impression and once the item is ready, your final product will be delivered to your location

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