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Ramadan Hamper Large by Candylicious - Gold

Ramadan Hamper Large by Candylicious - Gold

A large gold wooden crate from Candylicious filled with some great delicacies! Basket contains: Whitakers Coffee Cremes with coffee-flavored fondant centres enrobed in dark chocolate, 150 grams; Vital Soft Cinnamon Speculoos Nougat, 45 grams; Finest Stuffed Dates (Orange Peel, Almond, Pistachio, Cashew), Candylicious Belgian Dark Chocolate w/ Oreo, 100 grams; Mircus Teatime Black Tea Chocolate, Assam Tea with Spices, 60 grams, French Truffles coated w/ Pistachio Pieces, 100 grams; Hershey's Pot of Gold Milk Chocolate, Assorted Chocolate, 28 pcs, 283 grams; SPN Lollipop Ramadan Kareem, 95 grams, Lime Flavor; Spun Candy Hard Rock Natural Flavorings Candy Jar, Ramadan mix, 200 grams; Simon Coll Umbrella Chocolates, 35 grams.

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