Your Guide To The Most Famous Chocolate Shops in The UAE

I hate chocolate. Said no one ever!! Chocolate is the one thing in the whole world that everybody loves. Everything about chocolate is just awesome, from buying, eating, gifting, and receiving. Scientifically, our brain releases chemicals and dopamine in response to each chocolate experience that we have. That’s the reason behind us being happy each time we have chocolate. Unlike before, chocolate nowadays is available in too many flavors and too many brands. Here in this article, we gathered for you the most famous chocolate shops in the UAE

Mirzam Chocolate

There are too many reasons why Mirzam is considered one of the best chocolate shops in Dubai. Their variety of chocolate bars is just amazing. Thy focus entirely on the flavor. And what comes next after the perfect taste is the creative colorful and elegant packaging.

Araqy Chocolate

What makes Araqy one of the luxurious chocolate shops in Abu Dhabi is their elegant trays of delicious chocolates. Also, the very luxurious collections that will wow and delight everyone who receives them.

Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolate

Here is one of the most unique chocolate shops in Dubai. This is not a normal milk chocolate, its camel milk chocolate! Camel Milk Chocolate is one of the finest chocolate you can ever encounter. Al Nassma succeeded to create the world’s first and finest range of camel milk chocolates, in bars, boxes, and even cute little camel shapes.

Patchi Chocolate

Patchi’s boxes of chocolate are the most elegant thing you’ll see in your life. Patci is not only one of the most famous chocolate shops in Sharjah but worldwide!

Godiva Chocolate

This indulgent gourmet Belgian goodness is not only one of the most well-known chocolate shops in Abu Dhabi but in the whole UAE. Godiva was founded in 1926 which makes it one of the oldest chocolate brands alive.

Armani/Dolci Chocolate

The Armani/Dolci collection is one of a kind. It includes a broad range of delicious and unexpected flavors of pralines, biscuits, and of course chocolates. All elegantly wrapped in signature Armani boxes. Armni/Dolci is the go-to among all the chocolate shops in Dubai when it comes to chocolate gifts.

Rue Vendome Chocolate

This chocolate gives you the luscious taste of premium chocolate from the heart of Belgium.  Rue Vendome is brought to you by the world’s masters of chocolate crafting using the secret recipe of authentic Belgian chocolate. It is one of the luxurious chocolate shops in Dubai.

Forrey & Galland Chocolate

They are the best to make the most creative chocolate boxes. Famous for being the best among the chocolate shops in Dubai. Forrey & Galland is a home-grown UAE chocolate factory that is crafting the best chocolate with the purest flavor. Origin and quality are their top priorities, as well as embracing the multiculturalism that has facilitated their flavor collaborations.

Those were 8 of the most famous chocolate shops in the UAE. If you are looking to buy chocolates any sooner, consider joi! We have all these brands and many more to choose your very own box of chocolates from. Remember chocolates keep everyone happy!

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