Top 20 Gifts for Women

For those men who are not that good with gifting their women, those who spend days thinking what would make her happy, for those who always get the wrong gift, we have some good news for you! We gathered the top 20 gifts for women that is sure to impress any woman on any occasion or even without an occasion to win her heart again and again.

Cat Print Bathrobe

Superior craftsmanship, Made in Italy. Medium weight robe, so she can be comfortable without having too much bulk or fabric get in her way. Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low. Size is medium.

W For Wadood Prayer Beads - Love Of God - Clear Blue By Fofinha

For the religious women who love to add a taste of elegance to their life, Fofinha’s beautiful handmade 99 hand-picked clear pink Ottoman glass beads are one of the perfect gifts for women. It has a stylish design with a separator after every 33 beads. Give her this gift to wish that all her prayers be heard and accepted by Allah. Every single one of them.

Refresh Facial And Body Scrub Package

A Celebrity Face-Lift Facial with a Boost and a Luxury Body Glow Scrub with Massage redeemable at RE Salons (Marina, Sunset Mall, International City branches) Life can be extremely tough and her busy daily routines can take a toll on how she feels. This refreshing package from RE Salons will transform the soul and provide a renewed sense of vigor. Give her a treat she will never forget.

Baby Born Wonderland Fairy Doll

There is an inner child inside every woman. A fairy doll gift will make that inner child’s heart jump with joy and happiness. Gift her this 43 cm Baby Born Wonderland Fairy doll and we guarantee you will see her smiling her best smile ever. Yes, dolls are one of the best gifts for women!

Gold Stainless Steel Watch From Agatha

A gold-colored round chronograph watch with a stainless steel case and bracelet would be a perfect gift for women. It is old, elegant and with a bracelet too. Gold Stainless Steel Watch is one of the best gifts for women to give her.

Goldfish X Clock- Black Gold By Haoshi

For those women who appreciate creativity and a modern touch on their homes, this is the gift you should get them. Dimensions: W 650mm X D 100mm X H 650mm, material: Resin / Taiwan movement.

Style Me Beautiful

Offer her the gift of confidence with this two-hour session in which she will learn which styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns of clothes suit her personality and lifestyle and flatter her body shape, scale, height and proportions the most. This is also combined with make-up consultation and training for her to be able to apply the right tones and shades that best suits her skin and face shape. This experience is both empowering and rewarding, and most of all is a lot of fun! This is one of the gifts for her that will let her shine everyday wearing her confidence and a smile.

Tracey The Dog By TY Beanie Boos (9.5")

Is she a dog lover? Beanie Boos stuffed animals are just the definition of cuteness! No matter how much of a strong independent woman she is, she won’t resist but squeeze these adorable fluffy creatures whenever comes across any! They come in different characters and shapes to match every taste, from astral unicorns to exotic flamingos, lies a whole range of lovey-dovey creatures.

Mama's Pregnancy Box

Is she expecting? Get her a gift set that’s both a sweet gesture and quite handy! This gift set suitable throughout pregnancy. Amazing stuff comes in a premium quality gift box, wrapped in a signature tissue paper and ribbon.

Wardrobe Styling

Give her a much more positive way to start her day; a wardrobe full of choices and things to wear! This is a rewarding three-hour combined ‘Style and Wardrobe Edit’ session. She will learn about the styles of clothes that suit her best and we will go through her wardrobe leaving her with a clear idea of what really suits her, what can be passed on, and a lot of inspiration for new outfit combinations.

Short Transparent Necklace By Agatha

You can’t go wrong with a piece of jewelry when it comes to gifting a woman. There are endless designs and cuts that match on different occasions, styles, and tastes. Agatha Jewelry’s collection is known for its minimal and elegant designs. They don’t need to try too hard to impress as the mere sight of its collection will take her breath away. Pamper your loved one and surprise her with this classy piece.

Dark Blue & Nude Flamingo Backpack

A dark blue & nude flamingo print backpack with two compartments and straps made from simple leather. For those who spend some time at the gym or backpackers, this backpack will be a good choice for them.

Nails Galore

Let her re- Enhance her Nails with the latest Trends @ Re Salons Spas. This Nails package is the perfect gift for a busy lady on the go.  Give her the gift of a little pampering and the chance to look on-trend and fabulous, from tip to toe!

Intertwined Bracelet By Agatha

Gift her this two intertwined hinged bracelet and add a touch of elegance and style to her jewelry set. Because no woman would say no to jewelry!

Black Brogue A5 Notebook By Ted Baker

Black Brogue A5 Notebook By Ted Baker with lined papers and a tassel bookmark to record her memories and keep them safe forever.

This beautiful notebook is a stylish accessory that every ambitious and creative woman should have. It is an inspiring and thoughtful gift that shows your sophisticated taste.

Parrot X CANDLE HOLDER – 4 Parrots By Haoshi

A very elegant gift for any elegant lady. A candle holder of Dimensions W 265mm X D 275mm X H 275mm and made of resin and iron.

Keoro Sunshine Sarong

Degrade’ printed sarong, one Size, colors are available in Red-Purple, Turquoise-Green, Yellow-Purple, and Yellow-Turquoise

 It is a stylish, colorful and perfect gift for dreamy beach days or relaxing by the pool.  This beautiful sarong is a lovely gift to share with a stylish lady who wants to look her best when she is enjoying the sun with friends.

Single Zen Yoga Class

Gift her a single Yoga class in Zen Yoga if she is constantly seeking to find her way of healing her life one chakra at a time. There’s nothing like Zen Yoga Classes as a gift that would qualify you as the Ying to her Yang.

Sweet Violet & Suede Candle 320g By Mews

A hand-crafted, robustly-scented, ceramic candle that fills her room with the smooth, sultry and unapologetically feminine fragrance of ‘Sweet Violet & Suede’.


A 50ml bottle of Eau de Toilette for women. This floral fruity fragrance is made from peach, mandarin blossom, peony, jasmine, orange blossom, orris, woody notes.

Perfumes are one of the most basic and ultimate gifts for women. Because lingering scents stick to the mind, leave a special and everlasting impression on everyone she comes across with this unique perfume.

Those were the top 20 gifts for her that match every type and taste of women. Browse more gifts for women and more at joi, your one stop shop for all your gifting needs.

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