The War of Chocolate Flavors: White Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate!

The world is like a wrestling arena, more of a big competition between teams who are trying hard to prove they are right. And while it is not about who is right and who is wrong, the competition keeps going on and on between them. You find Pepsi lovers against Coca-Cola lovers, dog lovers’ versus cat lovers, Real Madrid fans and Barcelona fans, early birds opposing night owls, summer people against winter people and the list goes on!

When it comes to chocolate flavors, people usually split into two teams as well, the dark chocolate team and the white chocolate team. And like the color white is on one end of the spectrum and the dark one is on the whole opposite side, the two chocolate flavors’ teams have totally different tastes. Do you see yourself among the dramatic dark chocolate fans or dreamy white chocolate lovers? In this article, we will be discussing the differences between both chocolate flavors teams, nutrition facts of both chocolate flavors, and what your chocolate flavor has to say about your personality.



White chocolate contains absolutely no cocoa solids that’s why many people do not take it as a real chocolate. White chocolate is mainly made of cocoa butter -maybe this is the reason for it to be called chocolate- with the addition of milk, sugar, and vanilla. Its color is not actually white it’s more of ivory or pale yellow. If it looked so white, beware of added artificial colors.


Unlike white chocolate, dark chocolate has a very high percentage of cocoa solids that ranges from 30% to 80% and above with no milk solids added. Its texture is more dry than creamy with a bitter aftertaste. Dark chocolate varies from bittersweet, semi-sweet, and sweet dark chocolate depending on the amount of cocoa in it. The color may vary depends on the percentage of cocoa as well.


Nutrition Facts

White chocolate is highly saturated with fats due to the high percentage of cocoa butter in it. It is also high in calories for the amount of sugar added to it. It might as well have a good amount of calcium because of the milk. That does not make it healthy still for the lack of other essential nutrients to balance the high calories and fats.


Dark chocolate is full of nutrients and antioxidants. It is considered a healthy treat and a diet-friendly dessert as well. Cocoa makes dark chocolate high in fibers and minerals. It helps in lowering blood pressure and may improve blood flow also. Cocoa contains caffeine and theobromine which may improve brain functions.

Now, what does your favorite chocolate flavor have to say about your personality?

White Chocolate lovers

It is said that people who choose white chocolate over dark chocolate are dreamers, creative, different, have their own ways of thinking, sometimes introverted. White chocolate lovers are often daydreaming, they follow their heart and take their decision based on what they feel. They are also perceived as peaceful, unconventional, and attractive.

Dark Chocolate lovers

This team is far different from the white chocolate team. Dark chocolate lovers are more sophisticated, dramatic with strong opinions. Though they are also energetic and they love to spend time with people. In a group of friends, a dark chocolate lover is a mom, the one who cares for everyone and makes sure everything is okay. They are problem solvers, mature and creative thinkers.

Who do you think the winner is now? No matter who the winner might be, what matters the most is whenever you decide to go for white or dark chocolate, joi will always have you covered!

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