The Luckiest New Year Gifts

This is the time of the year where everyone is looking for New Year gifts for his beloved ones. If you are gifting a horoscope fan, based on the Chinese calendar, this New Year marks the year of the pig. It means those who are born in 1947, 2031, 1995, 1971, 1923, 1935, 2007, 2019, 1983, and 1959 are known as a Pig in China. The Chinese Zodiac is a twelve-year cycle, each year in the cycle has an animal sign. The signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. If you are looking for a creative New Year gift for your pig friend, here we collected all the lucky things for his zodiac sign.

Numeric Balloons

The pig’s lucky numbers are 2, 5 and 8 and numbers containing them. Let your New Year gifts to your pig friend contain these numbers to bring him more luck in his year. Gift them this 40″ foil balloon filled with helium in Gold or Silver. Balloons work well when it comes to adding a festive feel to any situations. Pair them with one of the below New Year gifts or a cake and let your friend know how lucky they are to have you.

Yellow Rubber Strap Watch by ATOP

One of the pig’s lucky colors is yellow. Let your New Year gifts to your pig friend has the color yellow. We suggest this Atop rubber strap trendy watch that has a 2-year warranty, high-quality PC that protects against scratches and sweating. It is also waterproof. It is a practical yet elegant looking watch, and we couldn’t find a better choice than ATOP’s unique watches for the New Year gifts.

Cuckoo X Clock – Home by Haoshi

Grey is also a lucky color. We couldn’t find grey New Year gifts that are more elegant than this clock by Haoshi. It is available in dark and light grey along with other colors. We all get surprised when the cuckoo clock strikes on each hour.

In traditional models, cuckoo clocks have only one bird that reminds us of time, which makes it a bit lonely, that’s why Haoshi designs cuckoo clock comes with two birds meeting every hour so they can keep each other company. Applying the sound setting to arrange the first birdsong to start at 6:00 and the last one at 22:00 every day so the recipient can have a good night’s sleep.

New Zealand Gold Water

We thought of suggesting gold jewelry as New Year gifts for the color gold is a pig’s lucky color. But this luxurious gift will impress even more than jewelry. New Zealand Gold artesian water has the purest origins on Earth, their water originally fell on New Zealand’s pristine Southern Alps up to 1000 years ago. The rain was swept in from the most untarnished and best-protected region on the whole planet, the Great South Ocean of Antarctica. Their pure artesian water filters down gently through underground springs, sand, and porous rocks before collecting in a deep protected aquifer from where it bubbles upwards, ready for bottling. New Zealand Gold’s – origins and pure 24-carat food-grade gold flake content make this the most exclusive water in the world.

Bespoke Pen Case Dark Brown

The art of penmanship might have taken a bashing in recent years, but we predict a big comeback for the power of the written word. This beautiful personalized pen case will give your friend the inspiration they need to put pen to paper and show the world what they’ve got. This pen case is one of the best New Year gifts for your pig friend cause brown is a pig’s lucky color.

The Dashing One

Hydrangea is a pig’s lucky flower. Let your New Year gifts for a pig friend be this 9 stems of hydrangea of mixed colors. This gorgeous bundle of joy is a transcendent way to express how much you appreciate that one friend and how lucky you want him to be.

The Playful Beauty

Daisies are lucky flowers along with hydrangea too. This bouquet of flowers including white daisies and chrysanthemums and seasonal greens is one of the luckiest New Year gifts that you can give to a pig friend. You might think an all-white bouquet of flowers isn’t that exciting, but this one comes to play! You get the perfect balance of serene and pure white hues with the playful nature of irresistible daisies.

Those were the luckiest New Year gifts for your pig friend in his own year. If you are looking for more New Year gifts for the rest of your loved ones, stay tuned for more gift suggestions or just browse our numerous New Year gifts at joi.

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