The Best 5 Flowers for International Women’s Day

Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. The event commemorates women fighting for their rights and honors the great achievements made by women all around the world in every aspect. It is considered a chance for both women and men to appreciate and recognize the women in their lives from sisters to wives, mothers, friends, and colleagues.

One of the lasting traditions of this day that shows appreciation to women is the simple act of giving flowers. This tradition is originally Russian but it is now known and practiced worldwide. If you’re wondering which flowers are the best for this event, in this article we have gathered for you the best 5 flowers to give on International Women’s Day.


One of the well-known flowers for International Women’s Day is the yellow mimosa. Feminists in Italy chose the mimosa flower on March 8, 1946, as a symbol of strength, sensibility, and sensitivity for Women’s Day. Mimosa flowers are typically the first to bloom along the Italian landscape to indicate spring’s arrival. Mimosa could be presented on International Women’s Day as a single flower or as a bouquet.


Besides roses being worldwide-known flowers, roses are beautiful, delicate, and complex which make them a perfect representation of women. According to the New York Times, flower shops across Russia sell around 150,000 roses on March 8. Choose between the different colors of roses or mix them in a rose bouquet to show the woman in your life how much you appreciate her.


Lilies stand for womanhood, beauty, motherhood, and passion. That is why they are considered one of the perfect flowers for International Women’s Day. If you’re looking for a fragrant, elegant flower to present to the woman you appreciate, lily bouquets are the best option for you.


Tulips are spring blooms and they are considered the most popular flowers given on Women’s Day in Russia. Opt for a single flower or a tulip bouquet if you are looking for a flower that is both colorful and elegant.


The official color of International Women’s Day is purple, making orchids one of the best blooms for the day. Purple is associated with the women’s rights movement; it symbolizes loyalty and dignity. Empower the special woman in your life with an orchid arrangement and let her know how much you appreciate her. 

Those were the best 5 blooms that are known to be given on International Women’s Day around the world. Choose between them or mix them together to show the women in your life how much you appreciate them.

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