The 7 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts … Ever!

Valentine’s Day is that day of the year where lovers get the chance to take a break from everything and just spoil one another with gifts and extra love… or just ruin everything with a bad gift! We normally research and find the best gift ideas with you … but this time we decided to ask people the worst gifts they received and all leapt at the chance to share their Valentine’s nightmares.  So, here’s our Valentine’s Hall of Horrors:

1) Flowers, but not for me!

flowers, but not for me

“He stopped the car to get some flowers from a fancy florist, but the flowers were not for me!” Said Dina M. when asked about the worst gift she has ever received on Valentine’s Day. Her story goes as follows, they were together in the car ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her beloved fiancée, then he stopped to get a flower bouquet and she got really excited by his move but… it turns out he is buying the flower bouquet for his mother and got her absolutely nothing on Valentine’s Day!

2) An Elbow-tall Candle

An Elbow-tall Candle

“I once received a rectangular elbow-tall customized candle with my name printed on it, I don’t have a clue what should I do with it till now… burn my name maybe?” That was Heidy A. telling us about her worst Valentine’s Day gift.


3) Teddies are for kids, I am not

Teddies are for kids, I am not

“I don’t know what he was thinking about when he got me that giant red teddy bear, toys and teddies are for children and obviously I am not, not even a teenager too.  I still don’t get why a teddy!!” Said Maya Y. complaining about the big space that useless teddy had to take in her room and having to see it on a daily basis.


4) Groceries… a lame joke though

Groceries… a lame joke though

I received a big box full of groceries. The box contained sugar, rice, washing powder, soaps and etc… it was a joke but a lame one though. I still remember the disappointment I felt after getting excited upon receiving that big box”, said Dana A.  Being funny is a good thing but, groceries for Valentine’s Day? Really?…


5) A vacuum cleaner… to vacuum all the love out of the air!

A vacuum cleaner… to vacuum all the love out of the air!

Believe it or not, among the people we surveyed, we found 3 people stating that they have received vacuum cleaners for Valentine’s Day. Not just one incident, but THREE!!

‘’The best gift I received was flowers and the worst was a vacuum cleaner” Said Gavin A.

“The worst gift I have ever received was a vacuum cleaner, even if it was a Dyson” Said Paula G.

And finally Tania Y. added “I am stunned I am not the only one who has gotten a vacuum cleaner! Anything utilitarian is a fail as far as Valentine’s gifts go”


6) Cooking book and oil? Seriously?

Cooking book and oil? Seriously?

We all know that olive oil is useful for many purposes but not for a Valentine’s Day gift!  Leila K. shared with us her worst Valentine’s Day gift saying “He once got me a bottle of olive oil and a cooking book for Valentine’s Day, and till now I can’t forgive him.” We feel you, Leila, it is not easy to forgive after such a gift!


7)     Gym membership? That love really needs a workout!

Gym membership? That love really needs a workout!

Yousef S. said that he was once offered by a loved one an annual gym membership albeit at a great gym.  Like most gym memberships, this one was also seldomly used and not renewed the next year. “She probably meant well but telling someone you need to get in shape is not the best thing to get them in a romantic mood.”

If you are looking to spend a lovely valentine’s day without having to fight or break up, we advise you to stay away from those strange gifts. Visit us for fun, unique and lovely gift ideas for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day  


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