Make Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd

Here at joi, we know all about making a good impression and creating memorable experiences; wouldn’t it be great if your business could do that for your customers and employees? Trust us, happy customers and happy employees make for much happier bottom lines. So if you are looking for a way to rise above the competition get in touch with joi and we can create a bespoke partnership that could include exclusive products, special catalogues, attractive promotions and corporate gifting solutions.
We have worked with partners across all sectors and industries and in each case designed specific campaigns or offers to suit their needs. We currently partner with Najm to offer their customers 35% off joi gifts, when paying with their Najm and Voyager credit card. We have also worked with international healthcare brands to provide employee gifts on the occasion of their birthdays. Is there a better treat than being spoilt with a fresh bouquet in the workplace? In valuing their employees, this brand recognizes the essential role they play in the company’s future and that harnessing this power through acknowledgement and rewards is the key to lasting prosperity.
Spreading happiness isn’t just beneficial to our health as individuals, but can have a limitlessly positive impact on our organisation’s growth and brand perception. Get in touch with us today at if you are ready to discuss a new opportunity for your business. Join the happy revolution!

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