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Competing in today’s market place can be extremely tough.  Whether you are a service provider or a retailer, increased globalization and an internet savvy consumer base have made the fight for brand dominance tighter than ever before.  Not only do brands have to consider their online presence, their public perception, and competitors with no geographical borders, they must also accommodate a more discerning audience who demand greater performance and value for money.  This tightrope of challenges can overcome even long-standing organizations and it is essential for brands to find unique ways to make a lasting impression if they wish to succeed.  That is exactly what joi@work has been designed to facilitate.

Did someone say customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty should be the linchpin of any brand’s sales and marketing strategy.  Curating a base of repeat and loyal customers will ensure revenue continuity and open up additional avenues to new income streams.  Customer loyalty essentially means that a person is predisposed to purchase your brand’s goods or services over others in the same market, making it a very worthwhile investment. It also increases your brand’s average customer lifetime value, making it easier to justify spending more on marketing and going after even the more expensive-to-acquire, but also more profitable, customers. All of this leads to higher returns for your stakeholders.

So how do you improve customer loyalty?

A simple and excellent way to improve customer relations is actually through gifting.  We know that might sound a little biased coming from a company that is all about gifting, but stick with us, as the benefits of unexpected gifting to clients or customers have been proven to be hugely effective.  Customer gifting is a sure-fire way to put your brand front and center in their consciousness (raises brand awareness) and will make them feel valued by your company.  This emotional response on the part of the customer is key to making a connection between your brand and its users.  Their ensuing gratitude results in increased loyalty from them as individuals and higher levels of word-of-mouth marketing from them to their sphere of influence.  That is how you turn customers into brand ambassadors and create unprecedented levels of organic brand growth. Engaged customers are the biggest generators of revenue and profit for a business.

The element of surprise

Unexpected gifting can be especially beneficial.  When customers receive unexpected gifts, they immediately attach a higher perceived value to the item and an immediately improved perception of the brand doing the gifting.  As the traditional customer/brand relationship is based solely on the exchange of goods or services for a fixed remuneration, additional benefits received by the customer are viewed very favorably.  By offering more than that traditional relationship, brands can expect to achieve increased loyalty.

I just gifted to say I’m sorry

Unfortunately, there are always occasions when mistakes get made. Whether through computer glitch or human error, sometimes a customer can find themselves unsatisfied with your brand.  In this circumstance, your brand perception can not only be affected for the individual concerned, but those with whom they share the information (which can sometimes be quite large if done on social media).  It is essential to find an efficient and effective way to win that customer back and to make up for the mistake or inconvenience caused.  joi@work includes a ‘Sorry as a Service’ offering that allows you to choose the perfect gift to demonstrate your genuine concern and desire to rectify the situation. This service can even be integrated with your backend systems to allow immediate gift dispatches at the touch of button. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, how you make up for them can be the difference between lasting customer loyalty and a poor reputation.

Engaged Employees are Happy Employees

It’s not just about the customer either. Utilising a service like joi@work to enhance your employee engagement can have a lasting impact on your overall performance. Making employees feel valued, either with reward gifts, occasion gifts or an exclusive discount for their own personal gifting needs, will improve retention, satisfaction and productivity. Celebrating as a team is also excellent for morale and team-building, especially when the team members feel a special effort has been made. The next time your team has reason to celebrate, you can go the extra mile with the joi@work range of gifts and delicious treats.

Right Energy, Right Results

Creating the right environment is also a crucial factor in workplace productivity. Studies show that including plants or flowers in the office can significantly reduce stress, fatigue, tension and depression. This has a direct impact on your employees, their productivity and their creativity.  The joi@work team can design a bespoke ongoing service that will fill your workplace with beauty and make everyone happier and healthier.  The aesthetics of your office, and how it is furnished, also play a large role in how clients and guests will react to your brand. Their initial perception can be heavily influenced by the presence of calming arrangements or striking bouquets. They say first impressions make all the difference; wouldn’t you like yours to be outstanding?

Let’s break down the benefits to your business

  • Engaged customers buy 90% more frequently
  • Engaged customers spend 60% more per transaction
  • 68% of 20-34 year olds say they would change where they shopped if it meant getting more rewards
  • Long-term customers offer repeat business and growth in volume as the relationship progresses
  • Loyal customers will make your job easier through word-of-mouth marketing – still by far the most valuable form of marketing in the world. If they like you, they will tell their friends.
  • There will also be an opportunity to cross-sell to those consumers
  • Engaging with your consumers can provide invaluable insights into your current business and future decisions
  • ‘Get out of jail free’ card – well, not entirely, but loyal customers will often give their favorite brands the benefit of the doubt when mistakes are made, certainly to a much higher extent than those brands to which they have no allegiance

PS – If you don’t look after your customers it could get ugly:

  • 66% of customers will switch companies when they don’t feel valued or looked after
  • 58% of customers will never return after this happens

How joi@work can help

Not to blow our own trumpet, but gifting is obviously something that joi know quite a bit about!  That is why we established joi@work, to assist companies with their gifting needs, whether internal or external.  Our dedicated team can talk you through the options that best suit your organization, large or small.  From fresh bouquets to unique keepsakes and even gourmet treats, we can provide the right items to make your brand stand out, improve consumer loyalty, and even upsell!  Our flexible billing systems, invoicing options and corporate rate packages can work for any organization, from startups and SMEs to large enterprises and multinational brands. Our exclusive Enterprise interface will also provide invaluable tracking and reporting so you can keep an eye on the ROI of your gifting strategy at all times. So, whether you are looking for a small selection for VIP clients or a mass production of a bespoke gift complete with branding, we have the solution to suit.

To discuss how joi@work can work for you, please visit or email us at, and we’d be happy to help you!

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