Mother’s Day Gifts Traditions from All around the World

Mother’s Day is a well honored and celebrated day all around the globe. It might be because mothers deserve to be treated like queens throughout the year not just in a specific day so people try to make their best to honor their mothers on their day. Every nation has its own way of celebrating and appreciating mothers. In this article, we are going to spot the light on some countries and see how people celebrate their mothers, what kind of Mother’s Day gifts they give and if they have any specific traditions related to this day.

United Kingdom

In the UK, Mother’s Day is called Mother’s Day is called Mothering Sunday. It all started in medieval times when poor families used to send their sons and daughters to work. When the children get the chance to visit their families in Lent season, they would pick flowers and give their mothers Mothering Cakes. Recently, Mothering Sunday is celebrated just like how people celebrate Mother’s Day everywhere with flowers, cards, and gifts.


Japan’s Mother’s Day’s theme is always carnations. There are two stories behind the tradition of giving carnations to mothers on Mother’s Day. One story dates back to right after World War II where many mothers lost their sons during the war and people would appreciate those mothers by giving flowers and carnations. Other story says the tradition goes back to the Showa period when Mother’s Day was a commemoration of the birthday of Empress Kojun, the mother of Emperor Akihito.


In Ethiopia Mother’s Day is celebrated for 3 days under the name of Antrosht Festival. Ethiopians have that nice tradition of singing during Mother’s Day, usually daughters bring vegetables and sons bring meat and they cook together for the family. Antrosht also marks the end of a rainy season and celebrated in the fall.


In India, Mother’s Day is different. They celebrate mother for 10 days under the name of Durga Puja festival in October. Hindus honor Durga, the goddess of mothers, the celebration dates back to the sixteenth century and considered to be a religious tradition and a time for family gathering. Families spend weeks cooking, buying and preparing Mother’s Day gifts, and decorating their homes for the festival.


The Egyptian Mother’s Day is a recent celebration. It dates back to 1956 when it was first introduced by the brothers journalists Aly and Moustafa Amin. Although it has some roots in Ancient Egypt related to goddess Isis yet in modern Egypt people started top celebrated after Amin raised the idea. Egyptians celebrate Mother’s Day for only one day where they get Mother’s Day gifts and honor the mothers in a luxurious way.

As we mentioned above, mothers should be honored throughout their whole life not just for a day, but Mother’s Day is a chance for people to express their love and appreciation to their mothers. Don’t miss the chance and browse our wide variety of Mother’s Day gifts and treat your mother on her special day.

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