Looking for car insurance? We’ve got you covered!

Out of our true love for gifting, happiness and joi; and the obsession with our loyal joi-ful customers who spread happiness by gifting their loved ones; we are thrilled to announce that we took our turn this time and decided to give you this gift!


We as the largest gifting platform in the MENA region has partnered with Souqalmal.com, the biggest car insurance comparison website in the UAE to bring you the car insurance deal that you can’t miss!


Simply use the code JOI2018 on Souqalmal.com and get AED 150 discount on your car insurance worth AED 2,000 and above.

Whether it is a Fiat or a Ferrari, your car is an asset worth protecting with a good insurance policy. Car insurance is mandatory in the UAE that means you won’t be able to register your vehicle without it. Types of coverages and benefits varies depending on the car though.


Comparing and purchasing your insurance policy through Souqalmal helps you cut through the clutter and choose the best for your car!


  • Compare 15+ car insurance quotes:

The cost of your car insurance vary widely depending on the insurance company, type of coverage chosen, your driving history, type and age of your vehicle, and etc… By comparing multiple quotes, you do not only tailor your policy based on your needs but also save a lot.


  • Get clear information:

Souqalmal offers transparent and useful information with all the terms and conditions clearly explained. You will also be able to access guides, informative articles, FAQs and useful stuff that helps you make the best decision.


  • Quotes in 60 seconds, Policy in 60 minutes:

Our end-to-end online experience enables you to compare quotes in less than a minute and get your car insurance policy right to your inbox within an hour. And if you have any inquiries, Souqalmal’s customer service representatives will be there and more than happy to assist you.


  • Quotes by phone or WhatsApp:

If you prefer phone calls or SMS’s to understand your car insurance options, call us at 04 247 2929 or WhatsApp us at +971-552859435. Souqalmal’s customer service representatives will assist you in choosing the car Insurance that suits you.


You can visit souqalmal.com and claim your car insurance discount now!


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