How Valentine’s Day Is Celebrated Around the World

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, it might be surprising that Valentine’s Day is not all about red roses and gifts around the world. In this article, we are taking you on a tour to explore how these 6 countries celebrate Valentine’s Day to let you know more about what are their traditions for the day, is it celebrated on 14th of Feb or not and more about their gift-giving traditions.

South Africa

In South Africa, there is an ancient Roman tradition known as ‘’Lupercalia” where women wear their hearts on their sleeves. They do not just pin plain hearts though, names of their crushes are shown on these hearts. This way men get to know their secret admirers. And like many other countries, festivals and flowers are used to celebrate Valentine’s Day in South Africa.

South Korea

In South Korea things are different, Valentine’s Day is celebrated every 14th of the month starting from February till April but every 14th is celebrated in a different way. 14th of February is for women to gift their men chocolates, flowers, and candies. On 14th of March, the tables turn, it is the time men shower their women with gifts and more, it is called the White Day. Then on 14th of April, it is time for singles to celebrate Black Day, where singles morn their loneliness by eating black bean-paste noodles.


The Philippines might seem like any other western country when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebrations. Except that there is something special about their 14th if February, couples developed this habit recently of getting married on Valentine’s Day. Making it a mega wedding ceremony throughout the country. Wherever you go you could see hundreds of couples celebrating their marriage in malls or public areas.


In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is not celebrated on 14th of February, instead, “Lover’s Day” is celebrated on 12th of June. Music festivals are held all around the country along with lovers exchanging gifts, cards, flowers, and chocolates to celebrate the day. What is interesting about Brazil’s Lover’s Day, is that not only lovers exchange gifts but everyone is celebrating with the people they love either friends, neighbors or family.

St. Antony’s Day –the patron saint of marriage- comes on the next day after Lover’s day. Single women usually perform some rituals hoping that St. Antony bring them a husband soon.


The people of Wales have their own Valentine’s Day that is not on the 14th of February. Welsh are known to celebrate St. Dwynwen day on 25th of January. St. Dwynwen is their patron saint of lovers. There is a lovely tradition Welsh people embraced from the 17th century where men carve wooden spoons as a token of love for their beloved women.


You might think Egypt is a bit conservative when it comes to western celebrations but this does not apply on Valentine’s Day. Surprisingly Egypt celebrates Valentine’s Day twice, once with the whole world on 14th of Feb and another local celebration on 4th of November. Celebrating traditions do not differ from the rest of the world, lovers mainly exchange Valentine’s Day gifts, flowers and chocolates. It is remarkable that florists, gift shops, hotels, restaurants and everywhere is decorated with red hearts and flowers. Most teens dress up in red shirts that day as well ready to meet their loved ones with flowers and gifts.


Despite the different ways, dates, and traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day, one thing is common between people all around the world, and it is gift giving! No matter how you decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, just don’t forget to delight your loved one with a lovely gift. Browse our verity of Valentine’s Day Gifts and send your lover the gift that shows how much you love and care for them. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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