How Saudi People Celebrate Saudi National Day

On 23 September 1932 Kingdom of Najd and Hejaz was renamed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by a royal decree from King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud. Since that day, Saudi is celebrating its national day every 23rd of September. This year, the event will be the country’s 89th national day and Saudi people are ready to celebrate. Both the public and private sectors will enjoy a 4 day holiday starting from Friday, September 20 until Monday, September 23.

Saudi National Day is usually celebrated with folklore dances, national songs, traditional festivals, and other cultural activities. All the roads and buildings are decorated with Saudi flags and people dress up in green holding their national flags. Publications with the logo of the national day are distributed to citizens along with symbolic gifts to make a nice memory of the day. Not just that, cars and buses are decorated with the national flag while they tour the streets celebrating the country’s national day.

Every year the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates its national day with a significant act. In 2014, they created the world’s tallest flagpole and launched it on their national day in Jeddah. In 2009 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology was launched on the national day. And last year, 900,000 fireworks and 300 drones were set off from 58 platforms across 20 cities in the Kingdom to make the Guinness World Records for the largest flag made of fireworks.

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