How People Celebrate the New Year around the World

Last few days of December mark the time of saying goodbye to a year and welcoming a new year with much celebration. In the USA the celebration is well known to everyone where people gather around Times Square and wait for the clock to strike 12 then you hear the corks pop from the champagne and wine bottles. But Times Square does not exist in every country and the celebration varies from one country to another. In this article, we decided to take you on a tour around the world to show you how different nations celebrate the New Year.


As we all know, China has its own calendar and its own years. The Chinese New Year celebrations take place between late January and the 2nd half of February. Chinese Celebrations are different, it features dancing dragons and lions as a sign of wealth. While in the background you find people light firecrackers that make very loud noises and the reason is to scare the evil spirits away. Elders also gift the young red envelopes that have money and a good luck message in it as a New Year Gifts.


While the rest of the world celebrate the New Year in the snowy winter, Brazil is different. The weather in Brazil is nice almost all year, maybe that is a reason why people in Brazil love to welcome the New Year in the water. They love to wait for the New Year wearing white and eating lentils by the shores of Rio de Janeiro. In the New Year celebrations, Brazilians also fire life-sized dolls with face masks which represent bad events from the last year.


At Mexico, people celebrate the New Year by throwing buckets of water out the window thinking this will sweep out the old year. They still follow the traditional Latin American tradition of burning scarecrows. But like every nation, a new year is celebrated with parties, festivals, decorations, and fireworks.

United Arab Emirates

Emirates lately became one of the New Year celebrations destinations for many. In the New Year Eve, people gather around the area of Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain and watch the fireworks and the amazing light and water show. People also exchange New Year gifts hoping for a year full of rewards.


The New Year celebration traditions in Spain is delicious. There is an old tradition of eating 12 grapes one at a time at midnight. These grapes resemble the wishes and dreams for the New Year and if one managed to eat them all, it means al their dreams will come true.


In Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, a Christmas tree is set every year in the middle of Martyrs square. Lebanese people enjoy welcoming the New Year with bright lights lightening all the streets around the downtown. People there also like to dine in the restaurants in the area and have their food, drinks or shisha while enjoying the lights and the spirit of the New Year celebration around them.

No matter how your people celebrate the New Year, at joi, we encourage you to share and spread the happiness by sending new year gifts to everyone you love and wish them a happy prosperous new year where all their wishes come true.

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