Housewarming Gifts From Ted Baker You shouldn’t Miss!

No doubt, Ted Baker is one of Britain’s most successful and renowned brands. There are too many reasons why Ted Baker gained its fame. Quality and diversity of items are the main highlights of the brand. In this blog, we will highlight four of the most elegant housewarming gifts by Ted Baker. 

Whether you’re pampering up your home or treating a loved one to a beautiful gift, we have got you covered at Joi! 

From luxury diffusers and mysterious candles to exotic perfumes, we look at the 4 new ultra-chic ways to make a statement when you give a gift.

Pink Pepper & Cedarwood Diffuser

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Ted Baker diffusers are inspired by exotic scents from Ted Baker’s travels around the globe. You can start your shopping journey with one of the best-selling aromatic diffusers by Ted Baker. In a rich burgundy hue, this warm spicy scented diffuser passionately combines fruity notes of plum and pomegranate with spices and woody undertones. This exotic reed diffuser is the perfect finishing touch to an elegantly dressed home.

Pink Pepper & Cedarwood Scented Candle

What is better than a gift, of course, two gifts. We recommend bundling up the diffuser with a complementing candle for a solid and standing scent. Pink Pepper & Cedarwood Scented Candle by Ted Baker is a fruity floral fusion that combines sparkling bergamot and cassis with opulent rose and vanilla. This candle will bring a breeze of elegance that’s perfect for the living room and office space. Blending impeccable style and unique fragrances, each candle’s carefully crafted scent is housed in a luxurious, weighted glass vessel. 

Fig & Olive Blossom Scented Candle

This scented candle boasts serene green notes that meld with the warmth of amber and musk – creating a sense of calm. Blending impeccable style and unique fragrances. Warm and fresh in an elegant deep grey tone, this green floral scent blends luxurious fig and soft olive blossom notes with fragrant geranium and rich amber. 

Fig & Olive Blossom Diffuser

Last but not least, This serene, green, and fragrant, scented diffuser balances notes of olive blossom and geranium with fig and warm amber to create a calm atmosphere wherever it is placed.

Those were four house gifts by Ted Baker that you shouldn’t miss but, there is always more at Joi Gifts! Pick one of those gifts and pamper a loved one. Fill the home and offices of your loved ones with an aromatic scent that keeps them thinking of you. Check Joi’s variety of gifts that fit every taste and occasion!

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