Forget the traditional gifts; here is the perfect gift for men


Buying gifts for men is a hard task for many it is not as easy as gifting women who are known to love chocolates and flowers. What makes it harder to get a gift for men is that wallets, belts, ties, and shirts became very traditional and you probably have got these gifts plenty of times and maybe to the same person. We at joi are making the art of gifting easier and smarter for you, so we got you some gift ideas for men that will suit any guy.

Natural Gifts

Who doesn’t appreciate Mother Nature? But in this modern era, we miss the natural presence in our daily life. Natural gifts are considered a good option as a gift for men or for anyone actually. It assures a healthier lifestyle and shows the love of the environment away from chemicals. There is a variety of natural gifts you can gift a man; a nice set of camel milk soaps, Himalayan salt lamps, tea sets, honeypots and many more.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts always lie close to the heart. Offering a gift that has the name, initials or a photo of him will make him feel special and the memory of it would last forever in his mind. A personalized gift for men could be a mug, a nice pen with his initials engraved on it, a portrait, or a phone case.


Are you looking to be remembered every hour and throughout the day? A watch will do that for you. Watches might seem like a simple piece of accessory but it fit as a perfect gift for men. Watches are said to communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality, not only that, they are said to be a source of attraction. Choose from a variety of watches to suit him and make him stand out in any crowd.

Attraction Gifts

If you ran out of ideas and you think any physical gift would be a traditional gift for men. This option would serve you well! An attraction gift could be a ticket to visit the top attractions in the city and have a wonderful experience that would make you always remembered.

Unique Gifts

Looking to walk the extra mile and bring a gift that matches the personality of the receiver? There are too many options to be considered here to serve as a nice gift for men.  A luggage tag set would be a useful gift for a traveler; a thermal mug would serve a commuter perfectly; a stylish glasses case would be handy to those who wear glasses. A unique gift depends on the person and his preference and what they perceive as a special gift.


More and more unique gift ideas for men are there on joi that would help you get the perfect gift and save you at your last minute gifting situations. Always remember, a gift is an act of love so make your gift send the vibes of your love for the longest time possible.

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