Eid Al Adha’s World Record-Breaking Surprise

Eid Al Adha is right around the corner and we couldn’t let it go by without introducing a new Eid Al-Adha surprise to you to help make your holiday even more special and festive. And if there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that Eid Al-Adha is not complete without a delicious sheep. In the Muslim faith, it’s a tradition to slaughter a sheep as a sacrifice in Eid Al-Adha every year and donate it to those who are less fortunate. It is also customary in the Arab world to host lavish and delicious feasts where lamb and other traditional Arabian foods are served to your friends, family and neighbors.

So as you probably might have guessed by now, our surprise has something to do with sheep. But hold on just a second! We’re not just talking about a regular sheep here. This year’s surprise is indeed a sheep, but with a twist. Think of something that is a little more in our field of expertise here at joi.  Get ready for our newest most incredible Eid Al-Adha product: The Golden Sheep Cake!  Yes, you read that right. We collaborated with Chateau Blanc to break the record and create the world’s largest sheep cake made with over 50 premium ingredients including 22k edible gold with the necklace and logo made with pure Belgian chocolates so you can celebrate your Eid with the ultimate luxury cake. The life-sized sheep cake is enough for 75 to 80 people which makes it perfect for huge Eid gatherings or even as a fancy corporate gift to spread Eid Al-Adha spirit and get everyone ready and in the mood to begin the Eid festivities.

The Golden Sheep Cake

The Golden Sheep Cake 01
The Golden Sheep Cake

At the price of 9500 AED, you get 19 KGs of pure delicious goodness that took approximately 75 man-hours. 70% of the sheep is actual cake, while the remaining 30% is attributed to the structure. The cake is 3.3 feet in length, 3.3 feet in height and 1.6 feet in width.  The dimensions can, however, be adjusted based on customer’s request. The cake also comes in a range of different flavors that you can choose from including chocolate sponge with Nutella ganache flavor with hazelnut crunch, vanilla sponge with vanilla butter cream or vanilla ganache, red velvet sponge with vanilla cream cheese and carrot cake sponge with lemon cream cheese. All are made with the finest quality and best gourmet ingredients out there, and delivered to you fresh to guarantee you a rich mouth-watering flavor that will impress everyone at their Eid gathering, adults and children alike!

The Golden Sheep Cake 02
Head Of The Golden Sheep Cake

Well, what are you waiting for? If you want this Eid Al-Adha to be different than every year and you want to go for a grand gesture, we can’t think of anything more stunning or impressive than this amazingly realistic and delicious 3D sheep cake! Order your Golden Sheep Cake online from our website joigifts and have it delivered to you or as a surprise for someone in time for Eid Al-Adha celebrations.

The Golden Sheep Cake 03
joi & Chateau Blanc
The Golden Sheep Cake 04
Chateau Blanc Team

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