Gift Ideas and All You Need to Know About International Cat Day

August 8 marks one of the most important events for all the cat lovers out there. It’s International Cat Day!  A day to celebrate one of the loveliest and most ancient pets. Cats have been worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt and have always kept humans company since ancient times. First, on August 8, 2005, the International Fund for Animal Welfare celebrated International Cat Day. It aimed to help inspire the public to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and encourage cat lovers to celebrate the cats in their lives.

Now that you know all about International Cat Day, it’s time for some gift suggestions for both cat lovers and, well, cats themselves!

Mug And Pet Bowl Set – Cat By Wild & Woofy

Do you sometimes wish that your pet could understand you? Just if they could speak, they would make it to best friend level. While some things are impossible, yet we can get a step closer to our best friends. While your cat enjoys yummy food, get into the vibe with the matching mug. It is an ideal gift for the cat lovers in your life too.

Cat Puzzle Game By Wild & Woofy

Have seen a cat slowly approach something, and then gently touch their paws… and then slide the thing through the edge, let it freefall, and break. Puzzle game will help your cat sharpen its side and break skills. Just kidding… the game allows your feline friend to play, chase and pounce about!

Cat Gift Set By Wild & Woofy

Another pawsome and purrrfect game is Wild & Woofy  set that includes: fish print collar with a bell, mouse toy, catnip fish toy, and metal bowl. Your cat will definitely love this set!  

Pin & Tag Set – Cat By Wild & Woofy

If you know a new pet owner, here is a perfect gift set. Even though scientists are not sure yet if humans own cats, or cats own their human. In any case, a cute tag for the kitty that reads “Always Hungry” and a pin that reads “Cat Naps” for its human.

 A cat! 

If you know a cat lover or you are one but didn’t get the chance to live with a cat yet, it is time to step into the life of cat parents! Rescue a cat and be the one to change its little world into a happier one where it is cared for and pampered. 

Suppose you’re wondering where you can rescue a cat. In that case, you can always check at Para UAE, UAE Little Angels, Naema’s Kitty’s in the UAE, Riyadh Animal Shelter in KSA, Al Rahmeh Animal Rescue Center in Amman, and ESMA in Egypt. 
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