7 Facts You Should Know About Diwali!

When you find yourself surrounded by fireworks and diyas everywhere in the market, know that Diwali is around the corner. Diwali is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the Hindu month of Kartika and this year, it will fall on Sunday 27th October. Diwali is a very interesting festival and thus, we gathered for you some very interesting facts about Diwali that you should know.

1- Diwali is believed to be the day on which the Hindu goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi roams the Earth and blesses people with wealth and happiness. In order for people to guide Lakshmi to their houses, they light Diyas, set off fireworks and decorate the entrance of the houses with rangoli.

2- Diwali isn’t only celebrated by the Hindu, Sikhs celebrate Diwali, as it marks the release of Guru Hargobind Sahibji and other 52 kings and the princess of India that were captivated by Shah Jahan the mogul emperor.

3- Diwali also marks the day on which the Hindu Lord Ram came back to the city of Ayodhya his home city after defeating Ravana the king of evil. Lights were lit all across the country to celebrate his return or to guide his way back from the forest according to mythology. 

4- Indians are working and living all around the globe, making Diwali celebrations international. Diwali celebrations can be observed in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Fiji, Thailand, Mauritius, Australia, and Canada.

While it is a national holiday in India, Trinidad & Tobago, Myanmar, Nepal, Mauritius, Guyana, Singapore, Suriname, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Fiji.

5- The total cost of fireworks consumed in Diwali is around one billion dollars! 

6- South India usually celebrates Diwali as a one-day festival while many parts of north and north-west India celebrate a five-day Diwali where each area honors a different Hindu deity.

7- Diwali is not just about lights and fireworks, it is an opportunity for friends and family to spend some quality time! People also exchange Diwali gifts and special Diwali sweets and wear new clothes. Families after cleaning and decorating their homes getting ready for the visit of Lakshmi, they gather altogether to play cards and gamble with money in the evening.

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Shubh Deepavali!

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