7 Affordable Ways to Say I Love You on Valentine’s Day

No matter how you see Valentine’s Day from your own point of view and no matter how many times your girlfriend/fiancé/wife may have told you she doesn’t care about it either. Still, women might have some expectations and visions when it comes to love, gifts or anything romantic and you wouldn’t want to disappoint her for sure. If you are not planning for something big this valentine’s day and looking for something nice, affordable and would impress her, we have done the search for you. Here we gathered 7 affordable ways to say I love in this Valentine’s Day.


Attention costs you absolutely nothing, but it is one of the most loved an appreciated gifts to give to a woman. Let this Valentine’s Day be her day, where you shower her with love and attention. Women would love you extra if you pay more attention to them.

A love letter

You don’t need a specific day to tell her how much you love her but, Valentine’s Day is a good chance to remind her of your love. Write her a handwritten love letter or get her a love card. We suggest this 3D Love You Card for extra love and happiness.



Flowers never fail to put a smile on a woman’s face. They would be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and even any other occasion. They are not so costly as well. If you want to break the rule and change the red roses bouquet tradition on Valentine’s Day, we suggest you this Powerful bouquet. It is affordable, beautiful and will impress your lady for sure.

Candle Light Dinner

Love Candle Light Dinner

You do not have to take her on a fancy restaurant to have an unforgettable night. Cook her dinner at home and serve it in a nice way with candles and romantic lighting. You can also get some balloons to decorate the room like these Red Hearts Helium Balloons or the traditional Red Helium Latex Balloons.

Breakfast on bed

Surprise her in the morning with a nice breakfast right on her bed. Prepare a breakfast of all the items she likes the most even if she is on a diet, let it be her cheat meal for extra happiness. If you know she is going to stick to her diet or she is a fruits lover, we suggest you this All Love Fruit Bouquet.

Pamper her

Beauty And Wellbeing Gifts

It is nice to shower her with the little things she likes on this special day. Go shopping with her and choose dresses for her, get her the chocolates she likes, or take her to her favorite ice cream shop. Ladies are always satisfied with these little things that you do for them. She will always remember it and appreciate it.


Love is not just affordable, it costs absolutely nothing but it means a lot. If you are here then you decided to look for ways to show your love for that special woman. The only advice we should give here is just to show this love to her, make her feel how special she is for you. It doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day, love has no specific festival to be celebrated. We at joi, encourage you to celebrate love throughout the year, not just one day. There are too many ways to show your love through romantic gifts, flowers and chocolate or by paying attention to her small details, care for her, and make her happy. No matter which way you choose to show your love, it is important that you tell your loved ones that you love them and show it to them regularly.

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