6 Tips on Getting a Unique Gift for Those Who Are Hard to Please

Choosing a unique gift has proven to be a very challenging task sometimes. There are so many things you have to keep in mind such as the person’s age, gender, interests and of course the occasion for why you’re gifting them.

Sometimes it seems impossible to know what to buy as a gift. So many people are quite hard to shop for, because they’re simply unpredictable and are not satisfied with just anything. If you know someone like that and you’re worried about what to get them for a special occasion whether it’s a birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary, then read on!

At JoiGifts, we believe that gifting is not just about the monetary value; it’s about communicating something to that person and sending a certain message, so we’re here to help you convey your feelings to the recipient in the most efficient way by sending them a unique gift. Below, Joi team presents you with the best tips on buying a unique gift for the lovely person you want to spoil.

  1. Choose a useful unique Gift

Some people are tired of the same old clichéd gifts. Sure, they may be amazing timeless gifts that show appreciation to someone but you have got to think outside the box, if you want to really impress someone. Some people just would like a gift that could be of use to them so ask yourself “what does this person need in their life?” Are they always complaining about a problem that you may have a solution for? Maybe that person is all burnt out and needs a day off from all the responsibilities, so you could gift them a day at the spa or a glam make-over. Maybe they’re all about adventure, in which case you could gift them an amazing experience such as hot air balloon or a ticket to other fun attractions such as Wild Wadi Water Park The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is put yourself in the person’s shoes and think “What do I really need right now? What’s missing in my life?”

  1. Surprise them (choose the right time)

It goes without saying that the element of surprise is quite an important factor when it comes to gift giving. Sure, the gift has to be a wonderful and thoughtful gift, but you got to find the right time and place to give it to them, and that should be when they least expect it. One special way you could do this is by sending them the Every Day Gift Bundle, where the recipient will get one special gift every day for 5 days in a row! So that just when they thought that the surprise was over, they get an even better surprise gift the next day! This shows that you were proactive about surprising them and that you put the time and effort into making it a very special day (or 5 days) for them.

  1. Personalize it

What’s more special to anyone’s heart than a gift that was made especially just for them? Personalized gifts are one of the most thoughtful gifts that you could send to someone. If it’s an experience gift, make sure the experience was designed in a way just so it would fit their specific personal interests. If it’s some sort of object like fancy jewelry, a luxurious pen, bespoke tailoring or even a singing telegram, you could always include a name, an initial or some specific reference about the recipient in the gift one way or another to make it more personal.

  1. Quality

Last but not least is, of course, quality. Functionality, surprise and customization are all important factors for buying a unique gift, but for our picky friends, quality is essential. If you’re buying your buddy a functional gift like a watch, make sure it’s made of high quality material. Such luxurious gifts will be with them for a long time, making their lives a little bit easier each time they use them.

  1. Give them the gift of learning.

Is there something that the recipient wants to learn such as a new hobby or a skill? A unique gift would be to make that happen! If they’re considering taking up yoga for example, gift them yoga classes or even help them become a yoga instructor! This shows that you support them and their new healthy lifestyle. They will surely appreciate your consideration and thoughtfulness in sending such a wonderful gift.

  1. Think of what you want to say to them

What makes any gift special is the message behind it. Some gifts say “I miss you”, others say “I support you” or “I’m proud of you”. Others may communicate love, appreciation or gratefulness. If you harness this thinking when you’re choosing a gift, you can surely find a unique gift just for them. Think deeply of what you want to say to this person and what gift might communicate this.

In the end, this gift may be unconventional, but it will be meaningful and right for that person.

Don’t forget to also use Joi’s Gift Assistant on our website which helps you find a the perfect gift for the any occasion within your preferred price range and category.

Happy Gifting from Joi team!

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