10 Chocolate Facts for World Chocolate Day

Chocolate is one of the main ingredients in the secret recipe of happiness. No wonder it is loved by everyone not just kids but adults too. Although you can have chocolate every day and celebrate your own chocolate day, today is different, it’s International Chocolate Day!

You might not know that chocolate is celebrated many times throughout the year. There is a National Chocolate Day in the United States that is celebrated on 28 October, Black Chocolate Day, Milk Chocolate Day, etc. and another Chocolate Day that is celebrated on the 9th of February in many countries.

Some references state that this World Chocolate Day is celebrated in the memory of the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550. But who cares! We have enough reasons to celebrate the presence of chocolate in our lives every day.

In the celebration of such a sweet day, here are 10 facts about chocolate to make you fall deeper in love with chocolate

1- Cocoa beans, the main chocolate ingredient, was used as a currency by the ancient Mayans.

2- Chocolate melts at around 93F making it the only edible substance that melts below the human body temperature. Enough of a reason why chocolate gifts melt the recipient’s heart!

3- According to the International Cocoa Organization, Europeans eat more chocolate than the rest of the globe, almost half the world’s chocolate to be exact.

4- This might be a sad fact for white chocolate lovers but, white chocolate isn’t considered real chocolate. In order to classify a product to be a chocolate, it has to contain cocoa solids or cocoa liquor. Which is not white “chocolate” ingredients!

5- Chocolate has approximately more than 600 flavor compounds.

6- This fact is crazy but you should try it. Based on a new study, hot chocolate tastes better when served in an orange or cream cup than hot chocolate in any other color cup.

7- Every second in the United States, 100 pounds of chocolate is consumed.

8- Dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease by one-third.

9- The world’s largest chocolate bar weighing 5,792.50kg (nearly 6 tons) was created in 2011 by Thorntons to celebrate its 100th birthday.

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Happy International Chocolate Day Everyone!

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