10 Birthday Fun Facts you should know!

In this world, there is one occasion that happens every day throughout the year but it isn’t celebrated by the same people every day. It is birthdays! You probably receive a notification from Facebook on daily basis reminding you to wish one or more of your friends a happy birthday. That means there is a party going on daily and more than one person celebrating a year passed and welcoming a new one coming. Interesting isn’t it? In this article, you are going to know 10 fun facts about birthdays that you never knew before! 

1- Ancient Egyptians were the first to celebrate birthdays. They celebrated it a bit differently than we do now as only pharaohs used to celebrate their coronation day. They believed being kings mean they have transformed into gods. This kind of promotion made their coronation date much more special than their real birthday. 

2- 5th of October is the most famous day for birthdays in the United States while the 22nd of May is the least day with birthdays.

3- About 9% of the world population are born in August. Making August the most popular birthday month of the year all around the world. 

4- The most expensive birthday party was held by the Sultan of Brunei while celebrating his 50th birthday. The fancy party cost $27.2 million. 

5- More than 2 billion birthday cards are sent every year in the United States. 

6- Romans were the first to celebrate non-religious figures birthdays. But only men were allowed to celebrate their birthdays until the 12th century when females first started celebrating their birthdays. 

7- Christmas is considered the most celebrated day of birth in the whole world. 

8- Not everyone is happy on their birthday, there is a kind of depression called “birthday depression” where people feel sad about their birthdays.

9- Shakespeare is the most famous person who died on his birthday at age 52. 

10- In 2018, joigifts.com held a campaign under the name #FakeBirthday where people nominated their friends to celebrate with them a fake birthday. Customers contacted joi team and nominated a friend to be pranked. joi then brought a cake and birthday decorations and headed to that nominee and celebrated a fake birthday. Nominees were confused until they saw their friends who nominated them and realized they were pranked. By the end of the prank, nominees had to nominate another one to be pranked with a #FakeBirthday.

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